Monday, January 5, 2009

My Trip

Heyy. I just got back from school and track practice. It was pretty rough. You know how rough? I'm sitting in science with my incredibly boring teacher and a horrible vexation ( a cool new word I found :D) sitting right behind me, while the rest of my family is getting up. THAT'S HOW ROUGH.
Anyways, I went to New York yesterday. We walked around Manhattan for a few hours, even though it was a school night. Wahtevvs. After we walked around for a while, we stopped to eat at this SICK diner! It was SO cool! My dad saw a TV actress there, but he couldn;t remember her name. He said that it was rude to point out celebrities in NYC, so that's why he didn't tell me sooner (I wish he had, anyways). So... I had this really good club, and afterwards we had this strawberry cheese cake that was AMAZING. Not just that, but their lemon meringue pie was a foot tall and then some! It was so cool! It looked like a beehive. When we went past Saks I saw the prettiest dresses and I HAD to take a pic or two. :) (and of course I had to edit them- I couldn't help myself!) Take a lookie! My favorite was the green one! :)

Cool, huh? I'll do a right now, I suppose. :)


I feel: A little bummed, a little pissed, a little tired (I'll explain later)
I smell: This really sick aerie hand lotion that I've been putting on nonstop! :)
I hear: My dad watching videos on the computer, my brother attempting to do his math homework with my mom. (there's a lot of arguing going on)
I'm wearing: A black coat (it's pretty comfy, and i didn't feel like taking it off), a gray Hollister long-sleeved shirt, DKNY dark blue skinny jeans, and gray classic short Uggs! (which btw, this girl in my grade who I hate got them,too- ONLY HERS ARE TALLER!)
My hair: is in a bun. I never bothered taking it out from track.

Peace out, my lovelies! :D

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Meredith said...

I love your pictures they are sooo good I think of artsy poses and good places to take pictures but i can never end up taking the pictures but your are wow! so good im jealous.

Kay said...

AH! :D

Thank you!! =] I'm so happy that someone out there reads my blog =]]]]

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