Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Day... and Chapter One

Hey! Today was a pretty...interesting day. I had to get to school (on a Saturday?!?) so I could get on the bus to a track meet we had today about an hour away. I had to be at at school at 7:15 (it takes about 15 minutes to get there, so I planned on leaving at seven) because the bus was going to leave at 7:30. Our coach told us that if we weren't there on time, the bus would leave without us. I groggily got up early this morning and gazed at my digital clock by my bedside. You wouldn't believe how loud I screamed when I saw it read... 7:03.
Don't worry though, I got there on time :). (It required a lot of running.) I got to run a 300m race at the meet and I got about 55 seconds. I'm not sure if that's good or bad, but I'm proud of it for now.
Anyways, I thought that I'd finally add a little bit of my story I've been working on for a while. It surrently has no title, but I would love it if you helped me decide! So with no further ado, here is part one!

part one

I stare gloomily at my toes sticking out of my pink Old Navy flip-flops. I have nothing to say and I’m not planning on saying anything. I prop my feet up onto the dashboard, and my mom frowns. She’s not into getting dirt on her brand-new silver mini-van, very much like everyone else’s in our neighborhood.
My mom wrinkles her eyebrows at me as I plop back down into my original position. I read once on a Snapple cap that wrinkling your eyebrows uses up twenty-thousand times as many muscles as it does to frown. Whenever one of my friends’ eyebrows begins to wrinkle, we always shout, “You just wasted twenty-thousand frowns!”
“Don’t look like that,” my mom says, obviously taking note on my sour expression.
I say nothing.
“I thought you always wanted to go to sleep-away camp!”
I say nothing.
“Camp Winnahana will be fun! You know, I went there as a girl…”
Oh boy, a blast from the past.
“…I made so many new friends and learned so many things…”
She goes on talking for about ten minutes and she clearly doesn’t notice I had stopped listening nine minutes and fifty-five seconds ago.
I finally decide to say something before she needs her inhaler. “Mom, I never said I wanted to go to sleep-away camp,” I huff, “I wanted to go to basketball camp with Tori.”
My mom sighs, “Well, it’s a bit late now, isn’t it?”
You bet. I glare at our G.P.S. perched right of my mom’s steering wheel. According to it, camp Winnahana, AKA not basketball camp, is only 2.8 miles away.
Six weeks. Six weeks is how long I have to stay at camp Winnahana. Six weeks away from my bed. Six weeks away from Tori. Six weeks without basketball. Six weeks without my Westie, Skye. Six weeks practically isolated from civilization.
It’s all so depressing.
My mom takes a swig of her pink Vitamin Water. This is her fourth one today (I’m guessing), and a lovely red mustache has formed above her upper lip. I swear, that woman is addicted. In our basement back home, she has seven bulk packages. I’ll bet she has power-c dragonfruit in her bloodstream.
It is then that I realize how much I’ve missed my brother and dad. They’re always going out on exotic camping trips without mom and I. This time it’s Colorado. I wonder how a sixth grader and a fifty-year old man have enough energy to climb mountains and cross deserts when my mom and I only have the ability to power-shop (Well, they don’t really climb mountains or cross deserts, but they do go on LONG hiking trips. I’ve been on one; I made them turn back after about ten minutes).
“Here we are!” my mom cheerily announces as our G.P.S. monotonously states, “You have reached your destination.”

Hope you liked it!! :) Peace outt! :P

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