Friday, January 2, 2009

My Music

Hey *nonexistent* readers. I'm back again. As I type, I am listening to my iPod (2nd generation nano, just in case you were wondering). What am I listening to? Skyway Avenue by We The Kings. It's a pretty good song :) I love music like crazy. I'm really into alternative music, and that especially includes Boys Like Girls, The Plain White T's, and We The Kings. You should listen to their songs if you don't already. They have really quotable lyrics so you can put them as your Facebook status or whatever. I also really like Daft Punk, which is kind of random, being that they are an electric-type band.
Anyways, music is a humungo part of my life, and without it I just might die. I mean, what would fill those awkward silences in the car if radios only played NPR? Who would listen to that? And what would I sing to in the shower? And movies would suck without music anywhere in them, and what would I put as my Facebook status? Huh?
Anywhoo, I've gotta go. My dad just came back with pizza, which I haven't had in forever. Peace out, my dear imaginary readers :)

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