Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Morning

Hey everyone (or no one)! You know what's really annoying me? I keep on making indents when I'm making the post but they never show up when I publish it. Humph.
Anyways, I just got up and had Froot Loops for breakfast (yum) and I was gonna have at least some bacon, but my brother had all of it >.< Whatever. I don't even really like bacon unless its chewy, but my mom does not take the time to make it for me like that. :( Anyways, I haven't been doing anything all winter break. I almost want to go back to school, but I have finals as soon as I get back (I know, finals in the middle of the year? It sux, and then we have them again in June. :P) I'm gonna quickly do a right now, anywho.


I feel: A little tired 'cause I just woke up.
I smell: Bacon being cooked by my mom
I hear: Bacon sizzling, my dad shuffling around in the snow outside, my brother attempting to play some football video game on his PS2.
I'm wearing: An oversized gray sweatshirt that says American Idol across the front of it (my dad got it in the mail from work), a short-sleeved dark blue t-shirt from Hollister, blue PJ pants from Aerie, and no shoes :)
My hair: is in a messy ponytail, 'cause I slept with it like that

Okay, that's all for now. Peace. :)

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