Sunday, October 11, 2009

When we hear hearts break, we'll say they're playing our song

Props to anyone who tells me what song the lyrics in my blog titles are :]

I've decided to share a song with you (just lyrics... no way I'm putting up a video of me singing... you might as well just KILL me)

Here it goes...

Here's to You:

Content like a puzzle piece
that finally found its place
Snug in all directions
in the perfect embrace
You felt so right
you made my hear
t burst
But you can't judge a book 'till you've read it, first


Here's to you
for being sweetest at first sight
Here's to you
for being a little bit too nice
Here's to you
for keeping my thoughts awa
ke all night
Here's to you
for trapping me inside my own mind
Just look at what you've done
I hope you're happy now

My fear is bleeding through my palms
you can smell it
you can tell it's there
You make me so scare
You've got me shaking
Forehead's breaking out in sweat
One wrong move and you drown me in pure regret


So, I'm chatting with my pencil
and I'm speaking through my hands
I can't open just for anyone
it's just too much to comprehend
The taste of my tears
must give you satisfaction
'cause flinching in fear
is my only other react
Maybe someday I'll toughen up
and become just a little more brave
Either that or I swear to you
I'll take this to my grave


So some-mostly-imaginary-and-some-real-readers... do share with me what you think the song's about :]
I love whoever has read up to this point *<3*

4 amusing musings:

Grace said...

Well I'm guessing the songs about feeling totally at ease and happy with a guy. Its very sweet, yet less generic than some of the love songs you hear on the radio.

Kay said...

aww... thank you :]

Meredith said...

aww i love that song did you write that?

Kay said...

thanks! :D

yuppers... I did indeed [:

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