Thursday, November 26, 2009

Purple Rain

I forgot about blogging again... damn
But I'm back for now. :D
I've been working on My NaNoWriMo... and failing (If you don't know what it is, look it up you lazy butt). I'm supposed to have 50,000 words by the end of November in a story that I'm writing, but unfortunately I've only been able to crank out about 7,000. Hence, FAIL.

See that guy to the right? Oh I bet you do... it's Eric Halvorsen, the bassist from A Rocket to the Moon, and he's rather delicious. Why would I put up a picture of him? Truthfully, I have no clue. :3 I met the band over the summer at Warped Tour and they were probably the nicest band there. Now, I would totally put up the picture of my friend and I meeting them, but for whatever reason I decided to quickly fix my hair before the picture snapped, and I was caught in mid-motion looking retarded. Whoopsies.

And it's Turkey Day! Meaning... I get to sit in my room all day while my younger cousins tear up our entire downstairs.
In fact, I just heard my brother say, "That's expensive! Don't break it!" My house smells like turkey.

Last night I stayed up until like 4 AM because I took a 5-hour nap prior to officially crawling into bed the second I came home from school. I mostly took a nap 'cause I didn't feel like cleaning the house, and no one ever dares to disturb me when I'm sleeping. Heh. It was a half day at school yesterday, and that was nice.
Hm... I'm also really bummed 'cause I'm not allowed to go to a nevershoutnever!/sparks the rescue/ stereo skyline/ weatherstar/ a rocket to the moon/ hit the lights/ ian walsh concert. But then the whole Thanksgiving spirit got to me and told me to get over it. So I'm trying my best to do so.

Indoor track practice starts on Monday, and I couldn't be more stoked. I'm just a little worried it could be a little pricey because our indoor track team isn't sponsored by the school. There were all these freshmen at the meeting on Monday. They were all very surprised to hear that the title "indoor track" is actually a misnomer, considering that we actually practice outside in the freezing cold, and our meets are indoors. I don't think that those little froshies know what they're getting themselves into.
Anyways, happy Thanksgiving!

[I love turkey and Eric Halvorsen. The end.]


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