Monday, December 21, 2009

Four days 'til christmas and all I know is that I'm not quite ready to let go


I bet you're admiring how I manipulated the Nevershoutnever lyrics into my blog title to make it appropriate for how many days until Christmas it actually is, huh? No? Well then -.-

I feel like I've written a lot about Nevershoutnever (I read somewhere that he dropped the exclamation point but he writes it without spaces when he's happy) lately, but I probably haven't. Anywho I went to the Jingle My Bells Festival this past Saturday, and I'm rather upset that I can't find my adapter anywhere to put up my pictures. So you'll just have to use your imagination.

Whoopsies... I just got off topic before I could explain to you what the hell the Jingle My Bells Festival is and how it relates to Nevershoutnever. Well, I certainly hope you could figure it out by taking a gander at the picture above. If you haven't figured it out yet, Jingle My Bells Festival is a concert sponsored by Glamour Kills with a bunch of really great bands. I was originally not going to be able to go because my parents had to go to an anniversary thing and I was pretty much depressed because my friend was going to go without me. But of course the day before the concert my parents told me that they weren't going to the anniversary because a huge snowstorm was supposedly going to be where the anniversary was. Of course a snowstorm never really came, but I was super happy anyways.
When we got there in my friend's mom's white minivan (it smelled like ladybugs in there), me and both of my friends jumped out and ran to the end of the line running around the theater. We couldn't help but gawk at the wannabe scenesters with purple hair and shutter shades wearing t-shirts in freaking 40 degree weather. My friend spotted Chris Drew's van (the license plate said "NSN VAN" and I was overjoyed to find that it was from Missouri). It was covered in writing from fans saying things like "I'm a real big fan of yours!" and "You make me happy!" and myspace URLs and phone numbers. I pulled out my trusty black sharpie and wrote "Kay loves you!" on the side of the van. When my friend's weren't looking, I wrote down my phone number underneath my message. ;]
I was very preoccupied with deleting old pictures off of my camera while we continued to wait in line. I could hear Weatherstar playing my favorite song by him through the open door on the side of the theater. I quietly hummed to myself. Suddenly my friend began to violently poke my shoulder.
"Ow! What?" I said not looking up from my silver camera in my numb hands.
I whipped around to see the one and only walking down the sidewalk waving at fans squealing into their palms. He was sporting his sailor hat and sperm-defecting skinny jeans. His hair was absolutely lovely. It looked very soft. It took all the strength in my body to keep myself from attacking him. Now, I'm not usually the crazy fangirl type, but seeing him right there in person is a totally different matter...

I suppose I'll finish this absolutely amazing story later... I have homework to do :P

Please don't hurt me for turning my story into a narrative. I just find it a little more interesting... :]

I've realized that my posts have really started to center around music. It's odd...

In addition, I found out that Mitchell Davis has 12,113 songs on his computer... or ipod... or mp3 player... or something. Regardless, I'm rather impressed. That's more songs than the population of the town I live in.

[I love Chris Drew's hair, "snowstorms", sharpies, and sperm-defecting skinny jeans]

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Candy said...

Omgz! (:
You saw Chris Drew? You know how jealous I am right now? LOL! xD

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