Sunday, December 6, 2009

I'm not in Love but I've already fell

Hi [:

First let me warn you, I have a bunch of subjects that I'd like to touch upon...

I was sleeping over at my friend's house last Saturday (with my two best friends), and as you ought to know, that when people really spill their guts. Because we know each other so well, we no longer have to talk about cute boys we have "crushes" on; I know every person that the two girls have ever taken a fancy to like the back of my hand. We usually end up touching very deep subjects around 2 or 3 in the morning. Struggling to keep my eyes open, I could hardly comprehend when my friend muttered, "do you guys wish, you know, that were more like, I don't know, Rachel Smith?"
"You mean popular?" I snorted.
"No, no! That's a bad example. But I don't know, don't you guys wish we did more teenager-like things like go to parties and stuff? I know it's bad, but, you're only a teenager once..."
All three of us agree enthusiastically. I just love it when someone brings up a subject that you had been secretly thinking about and then you find out that you were both thinking the same thing.
The thing is, our larger group of friends is very... well, g-rated. We have organized parties where we bring cookies and play twister and watch High School Musical (yes, I know... don't snicker). I can't really say I've done anything much more hardcore. Can't say I've snuck out of the house. Can't say I've been to a wild party. Can't even say I haven't been to a party where someone wasn't inclined to play Taylor Swift music (UGH).
So me and my two friends came up with a plan. We've decided to start doing our own thing. Not entirely separate from our naive group of friends, but start to become a little more independent. I don't know. The whole plan was kind of sketchy and decided upon early in the morning, but it
could work.

In other news, I went to a Show Me the Skyline and Weatherstar concert last Friday (the 27th). It was pretty last minute, but I'm really glad my dad ended up taking me and my friend. Of course, he insisted on staying with us (bleh) but overall it was loads of fun. I nearly died when I caught a first glimpse of the people in the band. Although they're not incredibly famous or anything, it's exciting to see someone in person that you've only seen pictures of (especially if they're cute :] ) and hear their voice all the time on your iPod. I am absolutely in love with Larzz from Show Me the Skyline. He's a senior at a high school not to far from where I live. Pshh I totally have a chance with him (heh). That's a picture of him that I took (below) ... it's not the best picture of him but I still think it's cute :3

On a more dismal note, I just found out that one of my friends' mom passed away on Friday. I don't know her to well, actually, and I would categorize her in my group of "tertiary" friends, but it bothered me just the same. My friend told me yesterday via Facebook chat, and it brought me down quite a bit. Apparently it was a sudden thing, and she wasn't sick or anything. The friend who had told me (one of my very best friend)'s dad had passed away over the summer, and I know that she's still having trouble getting used to the fact. She's trying so hard to do so well in school because that's what her dad had wanted her to do. I had come with her one day after school to talk to one of the guidance counselors to see if there were any after school activities that would look good on her record. "My parents really want me to..." she had said. I heard her voice crack a little when she said the word "parents". She confided in me that she couldn't stop thinking about our friend who's mother had died all weekend. It's especially upsetting because it's so close to the holidays.

I suppose when it comes to death, it's always better later than sooner.

Well, Christmas is coming. It finally snowed yesterday, but there are just a few patches of white here and there on top of the muddy ground. I live right across from a Christmas tree farm, and people have been driving back and forth all week with sad looking evergreens tied to the top of their SUVs. "They kinda look like dead bodies," my mom said today.

[I love Larzz and the holidays and life. xo.]

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Grace said...

I haven't heard of Show Me the Skyline. I'll totally check them out!

Kay said...

you should... they're cool :]

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