Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's quite clear that I'm stuck here...

... "so I'll devise a plan and cut out a door in my new living room floor"

By the way, it's new year's day. Where did the past decade go? Just kidding, I don't feel like it went by quickly at all. Oh well. I feel like everyone else is making resolutions but I personally don't have any. I mean, I prefer to just set goals no matter the time of the year. Besides, I never follow through with them.

And December 19th = possibly the best day ever. Now back to my story... :D The beginning was here, by the way...

There was a blizzard warning for that night, and I hoped that we wouldn't have to leave early because of the snow. It was freezing outside, and it was a real relief to finally file inside the theater. It smelled like stale cigarettes and burnt pizza, like I imagined it would. The lobby was filled nearly-wall to wall with anxious teenagers desperate to snap a picture with a band member or buy a CD. Me and my friends grabbed some free posters and bracelets by the entrance and shoved them into our pockets. I quickly checked the concert's myspace on my phone to see the set times. As it turns out, Stereo Skyline was the first band up that we wanted to see. We shoved our way to the main theater and I immediately felt the deafening yet comforting sound of pulsing beats flowing through the air as we entered the large dark room. A band was finishing up, and a decent-sized group of people had formed in front of the stage.

A shriek erupted from somewhere in the crowd as a tech brought out a bass drum adorned with the neat text, STEREO SKYLINE. As the three blond boys filed on stage along with a rather scene-looking brown-haired guitarist everyone, including me, erupted into screams and they began to play "Shake and Shout". They followed up with several songs (old and new), one saying something about moonlight, and another one about a messed-up heart. All in all, they were a fun set to watch, and Kevin's chin dimple was to die for.
"So baby keep my heart beat-buh-beat-beat-beating!" the crowd echoed as they began their last song.

I turned to find my two friends behind me. "A Rocket to the Moon isn't going on for a while. Wanna go walk around in the lobby or see who's playing on the underground stage or something?" They both agreed and we once again made our way through the hustle and bustle. When we got back into the lobby, a group of girls was crowding around one of the guys from the bands playing that day. I really wished that I knew who he was, considering that so many people seemed excited to be in his presence.
I spotted Larzz and Dan from Show Me the Skyline signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. Have I ever mentioned that Larzz has a lovely smile? Well, he does. I also caught a glimpse of one of the lead singer of Sparks the Rescue looking rather bored at his merch table. But I was most surprised to see the guitarists for one of the bands who had gone to my school last year walk by. "A'scuse meh," he said, working his way through random people. I turned to my friends. "Was that-?"
"Yep," they nodded.
Two girls from our grade suddenly walked up to us, pained expressions on their faces with one of the girls' dad tagging along behind them. Being a whole head shorter than me, I had to look down when one of them asked, "Do you guys know when Christofer Drew is going on?"
"Uh, he's going on last," I said. "So, maybe, like, 9:30?"
"Ugh it's like 4:30 now," the shorter of the two pouted, and I quickly knew that Chris Drew had been the only one that they had come to see, and Larzz's loveliness or the many hot scene dudes walking around or the Random Guy From a Band Which I Did Not Know Of did not impress them. They went over to the Nevershoutnever merch table in a huff. All three of us exchanged glances. "We should probably go see if A Rocket to the Moon is on yet," one of my friends said.


To cut it short, A Rocket to the Moon was great, Nick was adorable, Halvo was hot, and oh yeah, I fell down. Valencia was on before them, and I guess they managed to get the crowd really riled up when they ended their set with confetti and having the lead singer stage dive into the crowd (right on top of me, too. I managed to get my hand on his stomach to prevent from having myself smushed). Not that I minded moshing, but it was a little ridiculous when people started doing it to "If Only They Knew". At that point, I had already lost my other two friends. They had disappeared into the mosh pit, and there was virtually no hope of finding them before the concert was over. A few assholes decided to shove the crowd as hard as they could, squishing everyone into each other. Someone ended up falling, and it was a domino effect from there. I fell to the sticky floor, with a slightly overweight girl sitting on my ankle. That part wasn't fun, and I was pretty sure that A Rocket to the Moon found the whole situation very amusing. It must have looked ridiculous from the stage.
At the end of the set, much to my excitement, Halvo tossed his water bottle into the audience. I reached up both of my hands and managed to catch it... along with five or so other girls. After quite a bit of tugging and pulling, it had boiled down to me and a particularly short girl next to me. I knew I had a firm grip on it with both hands, but the goddam girl refused to let go. It was incredibly awkward, just the two of us pulling the now crunched up water bottle, a little of it spilling out. "Fuck it, you can have it," I grumbled and finally let go.

Hit the Lights was up next, which I was pretty excited for. However, I'm pretty sure that a good portion of the crowd was only excited for them because they were the next band before Nevershoutnever, and they put up with the excited HTL fans to get in a good spot for Chris Drew's set. I screamed when the band went on stage, belting out the lyrics to their songs. The lead singer, Nick was bouncing up and down the entire set like someone who had just downed a gallon of Monster. People had begun to throw balloons into the audience from an unknown place. A few obnoxious people grabbed the balloons and popped them. I managed to catch a few and drew faces on them using my trusty sharpie, tossing them back into the air. I finally wrote FUCK YOU BALLOON POPPERS on one. To my amusement, I even heard a few people talking about it later.

Next up was the set that everyone had been eagerly waiting for all day. It was at least fifteen minutes before one of the techs came onstage with a table adorned with an American flag, with the 50 stars replaced with a peace sign. The crowd erupted into screams in response to this, screaming even louder when he brought some bottles of water. A girl a few rows up had fainted, and a security guard had to pull her out of the tight group of people. "No, I'm fine..." she muttered, only to lose consciousness again. A half an hour passed, and finally, Chris Drew came on stage, much to the enjoyment of pretty much everyone. "Hey everyone!" Another girl in the front row fainted in response.

"Thank you for listening!" he said with a grin after finishing his first song. A few songs in, he grabbed one of at least eight water bottles next to him and took a sip. "You guys look a little hot," he said, closing the cap of the water. "I'll let you guys have some, but only if you take one sip and pass it on. Okay?" He tossed it into the crowd of red-faced, panting (mostly) girls, and no one nearby where he had thrown the water bottle hesitated to grab at it, clawing at others if necessary to get a change to put there lips where Christofer Drew had.

I felt a little sad when he finished up his set, as I do with any band I happen to adore. People had begun to file out, and I almost turned around, too. I remembered something, and pushed myself even further into the thinning mosh pit. Right on cue, some brave girl began to chant, "encore! encore!" A few moments later, Chris leaped back on stage and began to do pushups (can't say I'm sure why, but I was glad, regardless). He concluded with "Bigcitydreams" and I excitedly sang along, silently laughing at the people who hadn't expected an encore and allowed me to get even closer to the stage.

When the concert was over, we went outside and were immediately welcomed by a burst of cold air. Surprisingly, there was not a single fleck of snow on the ground. We walked by the NSN VAN on our way to the car, and I impulsively took out my sharpie and drew a smiley face on the window. I happily imagined Chris Drew noticing it, even though he would probably annoyed at the stupid person who had decided to draw on the window. "Hey don't write on the van!" someone called from behind. I couldn't be sure if the person was drunk or serious or both or just kidding, so I just replied, "oh, sorry!" and ran to catch up with everyone else already in the car.

Uh, yeah. That's all. :D

(I love concerts and sharpies)

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had an AMAZING time:) Yay stereo skyline. Rob<3 I can't believe Brians going out with mileys friend Mandy. Yuck!!!!! I have a question. So I see their gonna be touring with we the kings && wtk is gonna be at the Webster . Do you think they're gonna show up even though on the Webster website it doesn't mention em?.....bahahahaha don't write on the van x]

Candy said...

WOW! You guys had an AMAZINGLY AWESOME time, huh? Luckiness! [: Haha.
Stereo Skyline is pretty awesome.

Kay said...

Haha they're going out? I wasn't aware of that... ew xD
hmm... I don't think so, 'cause it doesn't say anything about it on their myspace :/

Kay said...

And thanks, Candy :D

Anonymous said...

lol. Im pretty sure they are because on formspring someone asked nichole buckley what she thought about them going out and she said she was happy theyre going out & they make a good couple. BLEH

Grace said...

Aw, you saw Stereo Skyline...jealous. I love Heartbeat and Uptown, Get Around. And their album cover for that one EP makes me want a pet bird, though with my luck I'd kill it.

Leanne said...

Wowowowow, sounds like an amazing concert. Those bands never (ok, very rarely) come to Canada :(. Looks like an awesome night though. Cute blog, btw :).

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