Sunday, December 13, 2009

Now all I see in you is another mistake right over my shoulder

Hihello (this is Mitchell Davis... haha),

I had a track meet basically all of yesterday. It was really fun--but very nerve-wracking. I ran a 300 meter race and was the second leg in a 200 meter relay (I couldn't help but worry that I would drop the baton because my palms were so sweaty, which caused them to sweat even more. However, I'm happy to say that I kept a strong grip on the baton the entire race). If I can do some quick calculations, I spent about 25 minutes warming up, a minute and a half actually running in a race, 10 minutes eating (I barley ate all day, which was probably a bad idea), a half an hour randomly stretching, and 6 hours and 3 and a half minutes doing absolutely NOTHING productive and worrying myself sick over how terrible I would do in my races. The bus was an hour and a half late in the morning, too, which was miserably boring. But all in all it was pretty fun.

And Grace tagged me in this... uh... thingie, so I decided to fill it out, even though it's incredibly tempting to do my American Government homework instead (sarcasm):

1. What's your name?
Kay Grace :]
2. Your favorite food?
I love food. So much. My favorite would probably have to be chicken salad... or a cinnamon raisin bagel toasted with butter :D
3. You could have any person’s closet in the world. Whose?
Valerie Poxleitner's (Lights)
4. Favorite Movie?
Probably Forrest Gump
5. Favorite TV Show?
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (sappiness for the win) but I basically just like watching it just to see the really cool house in the end... so I feel inclined to say that I like Cribs, too
6. You can have any guy in the world right now. Who?
Okay, I'll be a loser and say Christofer Drew Ingle :]

(I love track meets and chicken salad and Christofer Drew)

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Anonymous said...

mmmm christopher drew.I listened to him last night. He got me alittle emotional.haha.I hate it when people dont appriciate his music and make fun of him. Whats the point of making fun of him?Hes soooo sweet<3

Kay said...

aww I know :]

Meredith said...

AHH okay please give me an update before u rename your blog i was so confused i was like were is that blog and then finally i saw it and then i saw u tagged me i felt so behind but i am honored so i shall! and i do like your new blog title too =)

Candy said...

Christopher Drew Ingle is mine!!!! <3
Haha, nice to meet another Christopher Drew fan.[:
Thanks for commenting on my blog;
your blog is pretty kewl too!

Kay said...

haha sorry Meredith :]

Thanks, Candy :] ... he's such a cutie :D

Candy said...

RE: thanks. (:

Grace said...

Christopher Drew Ingle! From nevershoutnever!?
I love love love x 1,000,000 that band.
Bigcitydreams pretty much describes my whole entire life.

Candy said...

RE: Thank you for the awesome music suggestions! (:

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