Wednesday, December 9, 2009

You can find another me, but I can find a million you


I had a snow day today, and it was really nice because I was up until 1:30 last night working on my stupid English paper. Even if we got a 90-minute delay it would have been a fucking serendipity.
But it wasn't too bad, because basically the whole time I was listening to Stephen Jerzak and Every Avenue for the first time and now I can't get their songs out of my head. :]
Oh, and I have a lovely story I'd like to share. The other day I was craving kettle corn so I decided to make some, but the only problem was that we only had plain old butter, which I refused to settle for. I suddenly came up with this ingenious plan to rip open the bag of popcorn a little before I put it in the microwave and pour as much sugar into it as I could. It was a pretty bad idea, but it seemed brilliant at the time, so I popped it in anyways at put it in the microwave for four minutes. About three minutes later, the popcorn started to come out of the bag and burn. I quickly pulled the smoking bag out of the microwave, and tossed it onto my kitchen table; it was hot to the touch. I tore it open to find a huge burnt mound of popcorn. I picked out some of the hot non-burnt pieces and ate them. They didn't taste half bad, but I threw the rest away anyways. I then made a whole new batch and added the sugar afterward... it was delish! :D

Yeah, that was pointless. But I thought it would make a good metaphor xD

By the way, I would imagine Stephen to be rather cold when the picture above was taken... hmm

[I love snow days and Stephen Jerzak and Every Avenue and kettle corn. :) ]

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