Thursday, January 14, 2010

Am I the one to blame for your dreams? Do you ever wake at night and scream?

Miss Macmillan
5th grade
“I am”

I am a happy daydreamer.
I wonder why the moon is so bright.
I hear my dogs howling at everything that moves
I see the stars twinkling at me in the sky.
I want a world with a smile.
I am a happy day daydreamer

I pretend to travel to St. Lucia again.
I feel so happy when we finally get there.
I touch the soft warm sand.
I worry we have to leave soon.
I cry as we board the plane.
I am a happy daydreamer.

I understand that school is sometimes hard.
I say ‘’I love middle school!’’
I dream of what I did today.
I try my hardest on everything I do.
I hope for a wonderful year.
I am a happy daydreamer.

First off, please take note of the date. By no means has this been written recently.

Young, naive 10-year-old Kay, the moon is bright because it reflects the sun, which is pretty damn bright if you haven't noticed.

You also don't seem like such a happy daydreamer when you board the plane. Huh-lo, it's your daydream. Why don't you stay forever, silly?

Also, I thought you hated middle school? Why would you exclaim such a thing as your love for middle school? Why would you include two apostrophes instead of quotation marks? Wasn't it the worst experience of your life until the beginning of eighth grade when you actually made some friends?

I'm sure you're still a daydreamer today. Just probably not as happy as this little bouncy fifth-grader is.

Oh, you and your happy daydreaming.

Cartel - "Faster Ride"

(I just downloaded their new album, "Cycles" like a week ago. It's awesome. I really recommend listening to it all the way through. Will Pugh's voice is to die for, pretty much)

5 amusing musings:

Earth-ling said...

Aw the little poem is cute =]

Candy said...

Cute poem. (:

Kay said...

haha thanksies ^^

Candy said...

RE: Awww, you play the flute too? LOL, Baldwin. Nice. (;

Grace said...

You were a better writer than I was in fifth grade.

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