Friday, January 22, 2010

I'll send it out to the lonely ones

Oh my god that was a lot of work. Four hours of testing every single day for a week (minus Monday, of course... I got to spend that day at a track meet) is enough to drive a person crazy. My gas meter had finally reached "empty" the second I put down my pencil after my chemistry exam today. I plan on filling it back it up with fourteen hours of sleep, goldfish crackers, cupcakes, and a nice chunk of time watching the 'tube this weekend.

I also got Photoshop on my computer, which was how I got the picture above to look like it was taken through a fisheye lens. I took a Photoshop class last semester and it was a lot of fun. Who knows-- maybe if I don't become an author of some sort graphic design could be a possibility. :]

And I also got a B+ on my English creative writing piece! I know a B+ shouldn't be something to be ecstatic about, but my teacher definitely wasn't the most lenient of graders this past semester; I don't think she liked me much...

I definitely want to post my English piece here, but I'll have to do a bit of editing to make it good enough for you wonderful people. :] It had to be under three pages, but I was already over the limit before I could ideally finish it up. I tried making the font smaller and everything, too, but the ending was pretty hurried and not too great.

Also, the uber-creepy thing I did was base the character off this guy in the grade above me from my school. Well, I didn't really base my character off of him but I sort of imagined him to look the same way my main character did even though I knew nothing about this person's personality.

Also, I had a dream about this-guy-from-my-school-that-I-sort-of-based-a-character-for-my-English-story-on the other night. We were best friends in the dream, and remember trying hard to remember where we met, and I just couldn't put my finger on it. It then occurred to me that it was a dream. Uncool.

I know I said that liking people only led to disappointment or something. So I'm not going to say that I like this person. I don't know him at all. I think he's hot (he's one of those indie-type people... so amazing.). I do not like him because I think a chunk of that is based off of personality. Therefore I lust him (not in an intense sexual way, sicko :p).

Be safe, be well, listen to the music in the link below, and don't play in the street, my lovelies.

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Candy said...

Haha, we had half days for exams so it was all good. (:
You're taking chem.? What grade are you in?

Kay said...

^^ us, too :]

I be a sophomore, yo

Viva La Fashion said...

congrats on finishing your midterms. :)

Grace said...

Once, I wrote three pages for a one page assignment. 9 pt font and narrow margins!

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