Saturday, January 2, 2010

My stomach's turning

What did they all look at? by B℮n.

Is it normal
that I'm always thinking of other people
and how fascinating they are?
There are so many
and every single one of them has a story to tell.
I was just browsing through blogs
and it was incredibly interesting to see how some aspire to be dancers
or jounalists
or actors
and just about everything under the sun.
They all have hopes and dreams and stories.
I suppose normal people don't think about that
and they just accept the fact
that they won't know every single person's story.
But I'm not normal, exactly...

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Grace said...

I'm kind of like that too. I see people and imagine their whole life story and am all obsessed with the fact that they have this whole life ahead of them that will never intersect with mine.

Kay said...

Yay, I'm not alone! ^^

Chloe said...

theres no such thing as normal

Candy said...

RE: Thank you ![:

I like people too. It's really fascinating to me. You never know what goes on in their minds & sometimes you wonder, why are they doing what they are doing or feeling? Haha. Anyway, yeah.

Earth-ling said...

its incredible to think about I know.
The are amazing and talented people everywhere you just have to look for it =] It can be a fascinating adventure getting to know about people and they're many aspects!
existence itself is just beyond comprehension.
I think we all have these thoughts, but just dont talk about them much. Its an interesting thing to think about =]

Great blog here really!

-Isha Ethera

Sadako said...

I feel the same way--cool post!

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