Friday, January 29, 2010

You body takes turns like the words that are falling from my mouth

*hyperventilates with elation*

EEP! I have received an award from the lovely Grace of Smile Couture! THANKSIES! Do yourself a favor and check out her wonderful blog! :)

Where's your cell phone? Backpack?
Your hair? Fruity
Your mother? Hyper (mostly)
Your father? Adventurous
Favorite food? (as of now) homemade macaroni and cheese :]
Dream last night? None I can remember
Favorite drink? Milkshakes
What room are you in? Dinin' room
Hobby? Runnin'
Fear? deep water
Where were you last night? home
Something that you aren't? plesant
Muffins? Chocolate chip?
Wish list item? Secret :x
Where did you grow up? Connecticut
What are you wearing? track clothes (ew)
Your pets? doggies
Friends? existent, thank god
Something you're not wearing? a hula skirt
Favorite store? no
Favorite color? green
Last time you laughed? today
Your best friend? nonexistent... or maybe existent but not acknowledged by that title
Place you go to over and over? the rainbow
Person who emails you regularly? spammers telling me to enlarge my penis
Favorite place to eat? out

Okay... so I tag... Candy and Meredith... I always enjoy reading your blogs! :D

In other news... it's Friday! We had an unexpected dumping of snow upon the entire county yesterday during school hours, and there was no other option but to have us sent home two hours early. That was rather nice. I took a nap.

Also, I hope you guys got to see the moon tonight. It was absolutely beautiful, and my fingers managed to stay attached to my shaking hands long enough for me to snap a few pictures (the ones above). And yes, I'm a cheater for photoshopping them.

A Rocket to The Moon - "Not a Second to Waste"

(This song gives me goosebumps. It's also quite possibly the most amazing song ever, to those of you who haven't had the pleasure of hearing it already)

4 amusing musings:

Shalia☮♥♫ said...

Ah darn CT weather.We should have had a snow day.haha...I really like the pictures!Sooo good:) && arttm<3

Candy said...

RE: I'm glad the post made your day. [: And thank you sooo much for the award!

Stari said...

you're welocmes ^-^
and thanks for your commentary on meh poemie XP

Grace said...

I'm sure Mere will be very happy. =D

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