Sunday, February 14, 2010

"Sometimes, I get the feeling that I'm
stranded in the wrong time
Where love is just a lyric in a children's rhyme"

Hi people,

Well, I feel like I haven't really written a legit blog post in a while to just, you know, vent.

Well, it's Valentine's Day (or it was... I think it's past midnight now). Or Valentime's Day, as Junie B. Jones would call it. And yes, I'm single and yes, I have developed a certain attraction to a boy-- well, by complete accident. I don't like "liking" certain boys, and I've learned that it's never really worth it. So that's why I became surprised whenever I got butterflies when I passed him in the hallway, and found myself instinctively looking at my feet as he walked past. Oh well.

So instead of mustering up the courage to actually talk to him ,I remained single for this Valentine's Day. I don't really mind, though. I spent all of today with my family, and all of yesterday with my close group of friends. I saw Valentine's Day yesterday (you know, that movie that they managed to get a billion famous people in), and it was pretty cute. I really liked how each person's story connected in some way. I like stuff like that where I get to make connections, which is probably why I get so excited reading books for English class. Now, this movie wasn't particularly sad. I mean, not Dear John sad, but I didn't even cry during that movie. Me and my friend wound up laughing at everyone else in the move theater sniffling and wiping their watery eyes while we also listened to the girls behind us talk about how one of their friends "did it without protection!"

Okay, back onto the subject. After Valentine's Day was over and we began to walk out of the movie theater, I saw an elderly woman who was still sitting in her seat, wiping her eyes with her tiny, shaking hands. I immediately imagined her being reminded of a long lost love, and that absolutely killed me.

Oh dear, I thought I had more to vent about. Well, I suppose that's all...

Good night :]


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Miss Angie said...

Wow, what an interesting moment. To know that woman's story is, would be very interesting.

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