Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Tribute

"I'll be your sunset if you'll be my silhouette"
- A Rocket to the Moon

Why are my friends so damn cute?

Yep, that's me :]

"Walking on the beach just holding your hand
Pushing our feet into the sand
Do it again I'll lock it tightly
Givin' you lovin' nightly
Faces of the Saturn people
Keep it comin' evil
I've been missin' you again"
-Sparks the Rescue

"Think back to the summertime
I would cross through these state lines
you were always on my mind"

Sparks the Rescue - "Autumn"


6 amusing musings:

Grace said...

I want the beach and summer, too, Kay!

Kay said...


Sadako said...

Gorgeous pics!

Isha Ethera said...

So cute post =]

Candice said...

Beautiful pics. Looks fun. (:

Kay said...

thank you guys <33

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