Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Is this not the second hottest indie boy you've ever seen?

Is this not the hottest indie boy you've ever seen?

Well, officially started my CAPT testing today. :[ I think just about every student in-between the ages of eight and sixteen have the pleasure of doing standardized tests this week, actually. I actually can't complain, though, 'cause this means teachers are forced to put the minimal amount of stress upon us so we don't fuck up our test scores.

On a different matter, a very close friend of mine has been bugging me. Actually, most of my friends have been bugging me. There is not one close friend of mine that I've not been pissed off with lately. I'm not fighting with anyone, but there are just so many things about some people that annoy me. Some are copycats, some are nosy, some are bipolar, some are ignorant, and some are just plain annoying.

Sorry for complaining. I know my whiny rants are not fun to read.

"Hold that thought just for a moment
Let your heart feel numb
Now I see that this is what you mean
When you said you'd be my everything"
-Attack Attack!

Attack Attack! - "Sexual Man Chocolate"

[Yeah, try not to be turned off by the name...]


5 amusing musings:

Stari said...

we started CSAP today-_- at we have no homework:)

Grace said...

Sorry about your friends...standardized tests suck. We take ITBS

Candice said...

Oh my goshhh. You just made my day by posting them pictures. (; Haha!

&& I hate standardized tests - they do suck. And sorry about your friends bugging you; I hope you have a better day tomorrow.(;

♥megan♥ said...

Sorry about your friend problems, I hope they become less annoying. And I also hate standardized testing =]

Kay said...

thanks guys :]

ahh halfway dome with capts, though :]

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