Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Have you ever wondered about how little you know about your own parents?
Have you ever wondered if someone's thinking about you?
Have you ever wondered if both of your thumbs are really different sizes?
Have you ever wondered if that person that you just passed in the hallway could mean everything to you a year from now?

...maybe it's just me.


"I really wish that my life would become more interesting.
Each and every day I awake from my state of oblivion. I drone on, half-conscious, my happy face plastered on. Never fully satisfied. A tickling, hollow sensation occasionally tugs at my chest. It's interesting. It's confusing. It's hungry. I don't think I want it there.
I usually then slip again into unconsciousness, to be occasionally graced with things that aren't there.
So many times I want to break down. Tear my hair out. Leave. Find a purpose. And I really don't know why I don't.
I sometimes try words. But then I just look back and want to tear them apart. I angrily throw the torn, stray letters and fragments back into the dictionary where they belong.
I sometimes try to leave. But I always come back, panting, red, unmotivated.
I’ve tried the worst of the worst. But of course that only made everything worse."

I wrote this over a month ago. Thank god I got over that whiny phase.




When I was little, I was always convinced that God looked just like George Washington.


If I could live anywhere I wanted to at all, I think that it just might be the easiest decision to make. I would dismiss the mansions and villas in exotic places and treetop abodes and tropical underwater grottoes.
I would live on a cloud.
I know clouds are just water vapor, but if I could have the power to live anywhere that I wanted, I might as well hone my amazing abilities and make clouds the texture of cotton balls and satin and happiness. I would peer down on all the small people rushing, relaxing, reflecting. The poor people wouldn't know what they're missing.

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*Carly* said...

Thank god your still alive! I've checked almost everyday for you to post. That sounds sketchy. But I cant get enough of your writing, Kay. Its really phenomenal. So thanks. You never fail to inspire me.

Candy said...

YES to this question: Have you ever wondered if someone's thinking about you?
YES to this question too: Have you ever wondered if that person that you just passed in the hallway could mean everything to you a year from now? (:

Candy said...

RE: No. YOU'RE effing amazing. (:

Maricrism said...

what? like Washington? ahaha... I also thought of that.
Please visit my blog:

Kay said...

Carly, you're just making my head get bigger and bigger... but thank you so much. You have no freaking idea how much it means to me to hear (well, see) someone say that. And I must say, your writing is rather phenomenal, also :]

Candy, I guess that leaves me alone with the whole thumbs-being-different-sizes thing... x]

Maricrism, it only makes sense, obviously. I mean god, george washington, what's the difference? And indeed I shall visit your blog! :D

Grace said...

I wonder about a lot of that stuff. And clouds are amazing!

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