Sunday, June 6, 2010

I have been waiting for summer like crazy for the past... well, since last summer ended. And I really want to make this coming one awesome. Two of my closest friends are pretty much abandoning me for an entire month, starting June 27th. I'm trying to pretend that it's not bothering that they're going to camp without me, but I've been getting better and better at covering stuff like that up.

So... I came up with a list of stuff I want to do this summer. I know it's a little early [for me when I first wrote this, at least... which was probably early April] , but it's 90 degrees up here and it's already put me in full-on summer mode. So, here goes:

[] Watch an entire scary movie
[] ... (without closing my eyes at the scary parts)

[] Send Claire and Nicole care packages containing a bunch of care-package-y fun stuff
[] ... and get candy past the Pest Patrol package checkers (e.g. putting skittles or m&ms in an empty shampoo bottle)

[] Crawl onto my roof with a sleeping bag and pillow and watch the stars

[] Give a stranger a hug (as long as they don't look sketchy)

[] Give a famous person a hug (if they're famous to me, at least)

[] Go on a scary-looking amusement ride

[] Successfully learn how to drive a car
[] ...without crashing into anything

[] Scream until I lose my voice

[] Write something I'm actually proud of

[] Run all by myself
[] ... at least once a week

[] Catch a crab at the beach, even if it means getting pinched

[] Stay up all night

[] Spend a full 12 hours outside

[] Get into a crazy-ass mosh pit

[] Make a new friend

[] Play some new (or old) tunes on that flute that's been collecting dust in my room

[] Have a full-blown picnic

[] Spend a day in a museum

[] Go to the library, and check out any/every interesting-looking book in sight
[] and read every single one of them
[] and leave special little messages in each book for the next person to check out the book :]

[] Get all of my fingernails and toenails painted

[] Have a (very) deep conversation... (no, not with myself)

[] Try a weird, new food

[] Laugh so hard I feel like I got an all-out ab workout

[] Buy a piece of clothing at a thrift store
[] and actually wear it

[] Play in the rain, even especially if it means getting soaking wet

[] Go camping (and not just in my backyard, either)

[] Make a milkshake or smoothie

[] Learn some sign language (I used to know some... but I forgot, I suppose)

[] Get my ears pierced again (then again, this will be up to my parents :P )

[] Try a new hairdo
[] and wear it out in public

[] Wake up each day before noon (anyone who knows me knows what a terrible issue this is)

[] Create a mural with sidewalk chalk
[] OR draw random little chalk drawings on the street, as long as I'm careful not to get hit by a car or anything

[] Spend an entire day faking a random accent

[] Pick a bouquet of wild flowers and leave it on a random person's doorstep

[] Do something for the first time (I'm not sure what exactly, but there's always a first time for everything)

[] Well, this one's a secret. But I'll tell you if I accomplish it :]

So, that's it for now, I suppose. I'll update this post every time I think of a new one, and at the end of the summer I'll cross off all the ones I did. I encourage you guys to do this, too. You'll feel nice and accomplished when the summer's over. :]

Anywho, do tell me what you guys are up to this summer.

Confide - "Delete, Repeat"


P.S. Ariella and Mickey, I would love to comment on your blogs, but your layouts won't let me and it's making me sad :[

It's no biggie, I guess, but just in case you were wondering why you weren't getting any comments... :]

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alex said...

i love the list! hmm, i wanna make one now....

definitely tryin a new hairstyle and i've been DYING to get up on my roof and just lay there for a while... i didn't have a specific time of day in mind, but nighttime seems wise since it doesn't require me to get up at a crazy hour or bake in the sun...

oh and hi btw :)

*Carly* said...

Kay, I recently have been cheated on (i found out 6 and a alf minutes ago). I was litterally crying while i clicked on to your blog. I still am, but i want you to know, this adorable list of joy, made me smile. and i really needed it. so thanks.

Mickey said...

Wow. About the comments.. that explains so much- I guess I'm still getting a bit used to things around here. I think it's fixed now. Thank you! :]

I adore this list. Especially the "bouquet-on-a-random-doorstep" and the "leaving-special-messages-in-books" ones. When/if you get around to doing those, please blog about it! :] I'm in the same boat, too, with my best friend leaving for a lot of the summer, so I think I might just put myself up to doing some of these same things too.

Good luck getting it all done! [Especially with your secret "thing to do."] ;]

Oh, for all but 1- the one about "writing something you're proud of." Your blogging's great- I don't see why your writing shouldn't be. Plus, you seem like a cool cat. :D

Kay said...

... hi alex :3 laying on my roof is my favorite pastime haha

ohh Carly, I'm SO sorry :[
Honestly, that's what I kind of hoped to achieve with this blog... I made this to tell people about my problems and random endeavors-- and hopefully make a person or two smile :]

Yay! I'm glad you fixed it :] I'll definitely be looking forward to reading your list. And thanks! You're a cool bean, yourself :D

Grace said...

Wow, so cool about watching the stars! And I love milkshakes and smoothies!

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