Thursday, May 27, 2010

Marry me?

These little fuckers are where it's at.

Hi, dirty fingernails.

Secret #3: My childhood name was bubbles.

13-year old indie boy? HOT.

[17 days]

Secret #4: Whenever I'm finishing a race, the beginning of "The Climb" pops into my head. Embarrassing.

Los Campesinos! - "Death to Los Campesinos!"

[I love this. Listen to it now.]


3 amusing musings:

BellaWahl said...

im fixing the layout, its so messed up right now :/ but im trying

and thanks for reading :)

Shalia☮♥♫ said...

SILLY BANDS OMG THEYRE EVERYWHERE! Which ones do you have?:] Christofer Drew.Sooo who's that indie boy?;)Kinda Sorta NEED to know him.Nuff said

Kay said...

No problem, Bella :]

Haha I have a BAZILLION that I kindof borrowed/stole from my brother x] 'nuff said :D

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