Thursday, June 10, 2010

I like making new friends. I hope you don't forget about me.


Here are some interesting facts that I learned about boys today:

- They can see it in your eyes if you want them to kiss you (...supposedly).

- They wear underwear with their bathing suits because "the mesh is annoying and it's more convenient."

- They don't understand why they always have to be the first one to make a move.

- The order of things that they first notice about a girl's appearance are (in order): eyes, boobs, and ass.

- The average teenage boy masturbates 1-5 times a week, "depending on how much of a life they have." (...ew)

- Crying is a form of weakness to them. So man up and stop being a pussy.

I learned these thanks to an awkward anonymous exercise in health class. We wrote questions we had for the opposite sex on note cards and the girls and guys grouped together to answer them. It was... interesting.

3 amusing musings:

Shalia☮♥♫ said...

haha the bathing suit thing.Weirdd! && I LOVE the ready set.Loving jordan witzkjsbrget soo much rn.He's coming to CT this month too!♥ May have to attack him >:] mwahahah..I mean uhh..give him a silly band.. *cough* :]

Mickey said...

That. is. hilarious. [Although it must have been a terribly awkward class period.] :]

Sadly, their answers aren't that surprising, though. [ Besides the bathing suit one- I didn't even know they did that! Haha. ]

What kind of questions did they have for girls?

Kay said...

Attack him? sounds like a plan :D

It *was* a little awkward... they asked things like "do you watch porn?" and stupid stuff like that. We're just like, no. haha

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