Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sixteen. How does that word taste in your mouth?

Funny. As in awkward and out of place.

What about the word "summer"?

Sweet and well-earned. Less awkward.

How does that tie-dye shirt feel on your skin?

Nice. It was once-coarse-turned-soft by my wearing.

How does that thumping bass booster feel in your ears?

So, so good.

What's that piece of paper in your pocket?

A letter. A secret that isn't mine. A bit of someone's memories.

What did you do today?

I went to a Buddhist remembrance ceremony for Claire's dad. I pathetically concluded my exams. I took a peek into someone's old life. I commenced my summer goals. I watched a movie.

You're tired, aren't you?

You're assuming things. But yes.

2 amusing musings:

Candy said...

OMG is that your room? O_O
Cause if it is, then I am so jealous!

Kay said...

haha I WISH :D ... but no :p

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