Sunday, June 27, 2010

This summer has started off wonderfully. And I've been doing a terrible job of keeping up with my blogs posts. Actually, I have a decent excuse this time. We lost electricity for 36 hours this past week: the aftermath of nasty bout of rain and thunder -- an alleged "tornado". There were stray branches and green leaves scattered everywhere, with the occasional tree that gave way and ended up blocking a road or crashing onto an unfortunate individual's rooftop. It was intense.
At 10:30 the night that we lost electricity, my dad urged my brother and I to go on a walk (going on a walk in the near-darkness isn't an uncommon thing for our family to do). Long story short, I ended up grabbing some chalk and half-blindly drawing in the full-moonlit street instead: fireflies, complex swirls, man-eating monsters and dinosaurs - you name it. My little brother joined in and wrote things like "Yankees rule!" or drew characters from the Super Mario Brothers games. Well, one thing to check off of my to-do list is complete.
I also went to Six Flags the day before yesterday, and that was a lot of fun. When my mom and my brother and I were going to validate our season passes, I caught sight of someone that had been on my hiking trip when I went to camp two summers ago. Unsure of if he recognized me or not, I stared at him until he looked up. That was probably a pretty awkward thing for me to do, considering he glanced up and quickly looked away. I doubt he recognized me at first, if at all. I have changed so much over the past year or so, and even now I bet I wouldn't be able to recognize myself in a crowd. I finally went up to him and asked if he went to Camp Jewell, as if I half expected that I was getting him mixed up with someone else. He smiled and nodded. At least it justified my staring at him... I think.
For the rest of the day my two best friends and I scampered around the park: occasionally going on rides but mostly waiting in seemingly endless queues. A lot of the time was also spent trying to convince my less-adventurous friend to go on some of the scarier roller coasters with us. Needless to say, she remained on a bench just outside the Batman ride, preferring to keep her dopamine levels low. Why on earth she wanted to be that way was beyond me, especially when the opportunity to feel so alive was right in front of her. Which leads me to say, I'm beginning to realize how much I crave controlled fear. The reason that individuals go on crazy roller coasters is the same reason that they watch scary movies: it allows them to get the rush of fear without actually harmfully affecting their well-being.

[By the way, I'm (gasp!) running out of / haven't recently come across any exemplary song recommendations. Care to share some good tunes with me?]


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Candy said...

We've had like, 5 tornadoes so far. :/

Grace said...

Hmm, I think we all change. Like, looking back from last year, I seem like a different person.

*Carly* said...

Hazelnut Moon by Joel Willoughby. It makes me smile. very uplifting:) i think it might be from a commercial. It sounded so fiamiliar from when i first heard it...
I've really changed since last summer. we all change. weather or not for the better, changing is the one thing in life that will remain constant.

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