Sunday, June 13, 2010

What force and strength
cannot get through,
I, with a gentle touch, can do;
And many in these twisted halls would stand,
Were I not a friend at hand.

I run more smooth than any rhyme,
I love to fall but cannot climb.
I tremble at each breath of air,
And yet can heaviest burdens bear.

4 amusing musings:

Gina said...

pretty pictures, the lighting's awesome

Candy said...

Cute portraits! (:

Grace said...

I like the riddle, too. It may seem corny, but is the answer love?

Kay said...

Thanks Gina :D No lighting gets better than my parents' bedroom window haha

Thanks, Candy! :]

Why thank you Grace... they're riddles from my picture book of dragons, actually (yeah, I'm cool). Apparently dragons like riddles. x]

Love's a pretty good guess, actually. But they're actually two separate riddles. The first one is a key and the second is water :]

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