Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Secret #6: I'm really good at roller skating.

Secret #7: I'm becoming dangerously close to a boy who has a girlfriend.

Secret #8: My friends sometimes hurt my feelings without knowing it.

Stereo Skyline -"Heartbeat"

[Infectious. This was one of my favorite songs last summer.]


Monday, July 26, 2010

We burn up the light
and dampen our fingers
We turn and turn
and everything is beautiful
New contours emerge
and we soon realize that
what we thought we knew so well
we hardly knew at all

Divided By Friday - "Phase Two: Operation Fiscal Jackhammer"


Saturday, July 24, 2010

I had a scary dream.

I was lying in my bed, as I would do if I was sleeping. In the exact same position that I was probably in at that moment.

I could see my bookshelf, my window, my lamp, my feet.

An invisible force pressed me to the bed. My ankles. My mouth. My stomach.

I couldn't move. I knew that if I tried to scream, nothing would come out.

I continued to lay in the dark in terror.

What is this?

My mind was awake, but my body was still in a peaceful state of slumber. Trapped in myself.

When I woke up, the memory of the dream soon seeped back into my woozy train of thought. Could it have been real?

Of course not.


"This is the last time that I will show my face
One last tender lie, and then I'm out of this place
So tread it into the carpet or hide it under the stairs
Say that some things never die
Well I tried and I tried"


Friday, July 23, 2010

I went to the grocery store last night with my little brother and mom. It wasn't particularly crowded, and I was a little more than energetic having previously downed a sprite-slash-diet pepsi with caffeine-slash-fruit punch from Panera Bread. My little brother, Stephen, and I soon drifted from my mom and had mini dance-parties in the vacant isles to the sound of the "smooth and contemporary" radio that was playing overhead. I even attempted a cartwheel or two en route to the frozen foods isle (likely exposing my embarrassing flowered underwear from underneath my dress).

I spotted two sub-21-looking people with a loaded shopping cart, one a boy and one a girl. It was quarter to eight (15 minutes before the selling of alcohol became illicit for the night), and they were loitering in front of the assortment of beers. There were four 24-packs of beer in their cart, all of different varieties. The boy was talking into a cell phone, and I heard the faintest sense of nervousness in his voice. The girl stood on the opposite side of the shopping cart, her countenance expressionless.

"I don't even know. This isn't for me," the boy said into a cell phone.

I eyed them curiously for a moment, and then we continued our pursuit to find an acceptable brand of popsicle . I started to do lunges, and Stephen began to do high-knee skips. I suddenly heard a voice from behind me.

"Have either of you guys seen the mozzarella sticks?" It was a man, maybe in his mid-twenties. I don't remember much of what he was wearing, but he possessed the lingering odor of cigarettes. He pronounced mozzarella like "moot-za-rella". Out of the corner of my eye I saw him continue to walk down the isle, not looking at my brother or myself. I guess he only half expected a response.

I quickly scanned the dairy section and I didn't see the familiar packaging of cheese sticks. "Uh, nope. I don't see them. Sorry."

"Ugh. I'm dying here," he half-muttered to himself as he walked away. I watched him, and noticed with a sudden pang that he had a limp in his step. I was suddenly terrified that he actually was dying, and maybe his last wish was to just have some mozzarella sticks.

The Shins - "Sea Legs"

[I don't like repeating artists on my recommendations, let alone songs on the same album, but I really love this track.]


Thursday, July 22, 2010

I woke up at quarter to 6 this morning and the sky was bright pink

red sky in morning
sailors take warning
red sky at night
sailor's delight


It's insane outside.

And I just received word that there's hail the size of golf balls falling from the sky a few towns over.


Whaddaya know

There is some consistency in this world of ours.

!!! - "Must Be The Moon"

[Hipsters having fun...]


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Significant things that I've done in the month of July 2010:

- I went to Warped Tour (more details later!!) for the second time.
- [with people I'm supposed to be mad at]
- [I also gave David Schmitt a hug :) ]

- I wore a bikini to the beach for the first time. [Yeah, I know some of you guys are thinking: lame. But I guess I've just never been confident enough, and it was kind of a big thing for me. I finally said "fuck it" and gave up on being self-conscious . After all, the key to looking good is being confident! :D ]

- I fell off a skateboard. [My arm still feels sore.]

- I re-organized and did a thorough cleaning of my room.
- I also took the liberty of liberally decorating one of my walls with magazine clippings and posters.

- I drove a car for the first time.
- and right after I proceeded to jump in a tempting-looking puddle like a 5-year-old.

So, what significant things have you done so far this summer?

Deas Vail - "Excuses"

[I was beginning to wonder how long it would be before I found another song like this.]


Monday, July 19, 2010

My grandma's house is kind of like magic.

Tag! I'm it! Honesty Award, Courtesy of Candy :]

So I tag:

~ Grace from Smile Couture
~ Carly from Clones of American Girls
~ Lily from Non-sens
~ Mack from A Wallflower's Words
~ Alex from No Previous Experience
~ Miss Angie from My So-Called Chaos

Share one thing that nobody knows about you.

Um, this is gonna be tough.

Well, I write stores for fun. I'm pretty sure that most people that once knew that probably thought that I don't really do that anymore, but I do. And I LOVE it!

What is your biggest regret in life?

There's no such thing.

What would you do with a thousand dollars?

For the record, I'm terrible at managing money. I'd probably blow it off if I didn't properly regulate myself. But it would be nice to get a Holga camera (pretty inexpensive, but whatever), a ukulele (haha what?) or a keyboard.

If you could go back in time, would you still pick the person you are with right now?

If this is referring to a significant other, I'm single and therefore can't really answer this [:

What do you like or dislike about my (the taggers) blog page?

I love Candy's blog... perhaps if she was a little less talented, then maybe I wouldn't be half-blinded by her greatness. :D

[This song took a few times of listening to it for me to like it, but it is a really good song!]


Saturday, July 10, 2010

I had an almost enlightening experience the other night. Almost.

For the third night in a row, I opened my old screen window (almost expertly... that thing's tough to open) and slipped outside onto my roof. I was welcomed by the cool, night air gently lapping at my cheeks and the black, glitter-y sky. I dragged my quilt, comforter and pillow across the green shingles, and I could feel their little green rocks sticking to the bottom of my summer-calloused feet. Even though I was a mere ten feet away from my bedroom, a rush of adventure ballooned in my chest and I smiled to myself in the dark as I set up camp.
When I was content in my spot, I crawled under the sheets and stared up at the beautiful non-light-polluted sky. The rustling noises that I had been making quieted suddenly. The nighttime sounds that I had previously muffled emerged from the dark woods. At that moment, I would have given anything to have someone sitting next to me. But I sucked in a breath and made up a theory: the longer I stayed up there, the less scared I would be. At first, each snapping twig and rustling branch made my stomach lurch. After nearly an hour had passed, I craved the sound of a snapping twig, or heavy footsteps. There was a sense of security that the roof gave me. No one could get me, and I was invincible.
My thoughts began to drift, and I was eventually lulled to sleep.
It didn't last long. I was jolted awake about two hours later for no reason that I could fathom. Everything was different. Everything was dark, and my internal wall of invincibility had vanished. It was scary. I could have sworn that I heard feet dragging on the road next to my house, and I knew that if someone was there I could easily be seen. Eyes without a face. In a rush of adrenaline, I quickly gathered up my things and crawled back through my window and into the safety of my bedroom.

Friday, July 9, 2010

“That’s the thing about girls. Every time they do something pretty, even if they’re not much to look at, or even if they’re sort of stupid, you fall half in love with them, and then you never know where the hell you are. Girls. Jesus Christ. They can drive you crazy. They really can.”

-Holden Caulfield

Go Radio - "Goodnight Moon"

[This song is really quite lovely :) ]


Wednesday, July 7, 2010



"Yeah, you can run but you can't hide from me.
I know who you used to be."

- Boys Like Girls


Most things are best left unsaid
a closed mouth is worth more
than a blow to the head


There's no escaping from ado
that a gentle touch can do
Skin like rubber, nails like glass
Lacerations tear as you brush past


My new philosophy:
Don't care about what other people think about you
because they have their own problems to focus on
and if they're focusing on your problems instead of theirs
then we have a problem


I got a flickr.

This is valuable information, guys. Super secret and all that.

Not really. But that would be fun if it was, so let's pretend.


Yours Truly - "Hello Seattle [Remix]"

[Read the description. Dare you.]


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy fourth, everybody. :]

I'm sitting at home, being a hermit. I'm not really interested in going with my family to the pool, mainly 'cause I feel really icky. Bleh.

But we're going the the beach later, which will be nice. I need human interaction (excluding my immediate family and kids under the age of eight).

I got this award forever ago from Ariella, and I've been really lazy. So, I'm going to finally muster up the energy and nominate six people for this award.

~ Alyssa from Fast Forward
~ Krista Lee from I'm Wasting My Time
~ Grace from Smile Couture
~ Alex from No Previous Experience
~ Emm from Freefalling
~ Mickey from A Wallflower's Words

Sorry for such a half-assed post; I'm feeling a tad bit lazy (as if I hadn't implied it several times already).

Friday, July 2, 2010

Aw, shit. Just when I start to love people and restore my happiness to its full potential, there they go and slap me in the fucking face.

Okay, there was no face-slapping going on. I'm being melodramatic. But still, that's what idioms are for.

I need to stop rambling. Let me just spit this out.

Secret #5: I'm a snoop. A bad one.

Reasons that snooping is bad:

~ It's morally wrong.
~ You know you're probably going to find something out that you don't like (but you do it anyway).
~ You can't confront anyone with what you've discovered. ("You slept with my boyfriend!" "How did you know!?" "Uh, I was looking at your email" "Oh, you bitch")
~ Two wrongs don't make a right. But the catch is that sometimes they make you feel a little better.
~ It's a secret that you can't tell without being shunned.

Reasons that I snoop:

~ I'm not really sure of what to put on this list. Oops.

So this little exercise made me realize:

~ I'm stupid.
~ I'm nosy.
~ I'm melodramatic.
~ I'd rather not know the truth.

So, tell me. Would you rather know the truth, be comforted by a lie, or not be told anything at all?

Joel Willoughby - "Hazelnut Moon"

[Thanks for the recommendation, Carly! :) ]


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Everyone's always so sad. I think people are starting to think it's cool typical OK to be sad often. They're starting to think that love and music are the only escapes, ever. Just be happy. Think happy thoughts. Everything always turns out to be OK. Always.

/always/never/everyone/no one/ are unhealthy words.


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