Friday, July 2, 2010

Aw, shit. Just when I start to love people and restore my happiness to its full potential, there they go and slap me in the fucking face.

Okay, there was no face-slapping going on. I'm being melodramatic. But still, that's what idioms are for.

I need to stop rambling. Let me just spit this out.

Secret #5: I'm a snoop. A bad one.

Reasons that snooping is bad:

~ It's morally wrong.
~ You know you're probably going to find something out that you don't like (but you do it anyway).
~ You can't confront anyone with what you've discovered. ("You slept with my boyfriend!" "How did you know!?" "Uh, I was looking at your email" "Oh, you bitch")
~ Two wrongs don't make a right. But the catch is that sometimes they make you feel a little better.
~ It's a secret that you can't tell without being shunned.

Reasons that I snoop:

~ I'm not really sure of what to put on this list. Oops.

So this little exercise made me realize:

~ I'm stupid.
~ I'm nosy.
~ I'm melodramatic.
~ I'd rather not know the truth.

So, tell me. Would you rather know the truth, be comforted by a lie, or not be told anything at all?

Joel Willoughby - "Hazelnut Moon"

[Thanks for the recommendation, Carly! :) ]


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*Carly* said...

Haha, anytime. :)

And I know what you mean, completely. That’s how I found out quiet a few things that broke my heart.

Personally, I’d like to be hurt with the truth rather than comforted by a lie.

alex said...

That's kind of a hard one... I'm gonna say..... I'd rather know the truth.. But sometimes I like to avoid knowing things for as long as possible so I don't have to deal with them.. I'm one of the ones who goes around in life with her head in the sand the majority of the time.. On purpose.. But once I know the truth, I'm better for knowing, I guess.. In my own head at least.. I think I'm rambling now.. :)

Grace said...

I'd rather be hurt by the truth, although I don't think some people realize that. Have a good 4th of July, Kay.

alex said...

Okay it's 2 days later and I can now say with no hesitation that I'd much rather know the truth..
I like to believe the best in people.. Like when they say no secrets, it might actually mean no secrets... Course I'm not THAT naive but I wish it was true...

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