Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy fourth, everybody. :]

I'm sitting at home, being a hermit. I'm not really interested in going with my family to the pool, mainly 'cause I feel really icky. Bleh.

But we're going the the beach later, which will be nice. I need human interaction (excluding my immediate family and kids under the age of eight).

I got this award forever ago from Ariella, and I've been really lazy. So, I'm going to finally muster up the energy and nominate six people for this award.

~ Alyssa from Fast Forward
~ Krista Lee from I'm Wasting My Time
~ Grace from Smile Couture
~ Alex from No Previous Experience
~ Emm from Freefalling
~ Mickey from A Wallflower's Words

Sorry for such a half-assed post; I'm feeling a tad bit lazy (as if I hadn't implied it several times already).

5 amusing musings:

carlotta said...

i'm sorry you feel icky :( gorgeous photo!

Shalia☮♥♫ said...

Happy belated 4th. I hope you feel better!

alex said...

Aww thanks for the award :)

From one sometimes-hermit to another, I know the ickiness of which you speak.... I slept most of the 4th away... (a girl cannot properly function on an hour and a half of sleep ;) Celebrated it on the 3rd with two of my friends tho (hence the little amount of sleep :)

Here's to hoping you're feelin less icky soon! <3 :)

Grace said...

Thank you very much, Kay! I can be rather hermitish as well.

Kay said...

Thanks, guys :}

Your comments make my day :D

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