Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Secret #6: I'm really good at roller skating.

Secret #7: I'm becoming dangerously close to a boy who has a girlfriend.

Secret #8: My friends sometimes hurt my feelings without knowing it.

Stereo Skyline -"Heartbeat"

[Infectious. This was one of my favorite songs last summer.]


6 amusing musings:

Jillian Parker said...

I'm a really good roller skater too!
It's funny, because it's not something you really want to go around telling everyone.

Natalie said...

The boyfriend thing..eep. I know how that goes. Abort mission, abort mission!

Macky said...

Cool jewels.
{Wow. That phrase sounds kinda cool, am I right? :]}
I know what you mean about secret #8. Or for me he knows he's hurting me, he just has NO idea how much. :/

Cool song, too. [That and a cover of it on YouTube- Stephen Jerzak.] :]

Marci Dawn said...

i like your blog and your pictures and your words.

Kay said...


haha :]

But yeah, I'm always glad to not be alone with my random little secrets :D

Ayjree Nikowl said...

Oh I love that song :) it's my favorite by stereo skyline.

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