Thursday, August 12, 2010

Here are some possible reasons as to why I'm not sleeping:

1. I had coffee before bed and I'm physically incapable of sleeping.
2. I'm doing stupid things on the computer.
3. I'm doing smart things on the computer (e.g. doing homework, writing stories, studying, etc.)
4. I have too much to think about, so I'm lying in my bed thinking of everything there is to think about.
5. I'm excited/anxious for something, and as much as I need to fall sleep, it's a little tough to do so.
6. There's not really any other time for me to listen to music during the day, so I'm listening to whatever new/old album I just downloaded.
7. I'm cutting out pictures from magazines and taping them on my wall.
8. I'm engrossed in a really good book.
9. I'm sitting on my roof watching the stars.
10. I'm catching up with TV. [:

So... why do/don't you sleep?

Brighten - "Without You"

["Darling, I need you" :) ]


4 amusing musings:

Candy said...

Some reasons as to why I don't sleep... 1) I'm up thinking about 'him'. ;) 2)I'm editing all of my photography pics and putting them on various sites. 3)I'm chatting with my friends on FB, and 4) I'm up watching Criminal Minds! xD Hahaha. :)

Macky said...

Contributing to My Insomnia Is:
1. I have some "stupid" something I can't help but look up on the internet [quotes, clothes I can't afford, pictures, GMHs, FMLs, et cetera].
2. I like late-night blogging.
2. I actually daydream at night, if that's imaginable. :]
3. I can't sleep knowing I have a new song that hasn't been "worn-in" yet, too. :D
4. And in the morning, I can't sleep because my dog wakes me up and takes up half the bed. :P

I like the song, too. :D

Macky! :]

*Carly* said...

3)I feel I HAVE to cut my nails or brush my hair or something.
4)I think I'm hungry so I get up rummage through the fridge, find nothing, go back upstairs.
5)I realize there’s something I HAVE to say on my blog and it cannot wait.
6)Thinking about him:)
7)I get hungry. Again.

Kay said...

late night photo editing FTW :D I'm getting a little more photoshop-savvy as the summer progresses

I get what you mean about the nighttime-daydreaming thing, mack. there's just a lack of a better word. x]

Indeed, carly. Stress+hunger= no sleep haha

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