Saturday, September 25, 2010

I never realized how therapeutic long walks by yourself can be.

Well, taking Daisy along didn't hurt. She was fun to talk to.

So, basically, I was home alone for most of today. I became sick of waiting for my brother to come home from his friends house, so I wrote an illegible memo on a post-it note and headed outside with no particular destination in mind.

It was so beautiful. The air smelled crisp and clean and cinnamon-y like fall, but the last taste of summer still hung in the warm air. The five o'clock sun made the atmosphere so (well, for lack of an appropriate synonym) perfect. I made an effort to kick up the dried leaves that had been swept to the side of the road by the speeding cars and uttered my thoughts aloud to Daisy, only silencing when a car would drive by. There was something really relieving about not having to censor my thoughts, talking aloud about whatever came to mind.

After a bit of meandering, I decided to venture over to Mike's house. In the process, I nearly got flattened by a speeding car. (I'll never tell that bit to my parents, though. They'd probably never let me out alone again.) I sat on the patch of stiff, prickly grass across from his house for awhile, internally debating whether or not to go knock on the door to see if he was there. I eventually decided in favor of it, only to have his dad tell me that he had gone out a few hours ago.

Careful not to get hit by any more cars, I turned around and walked back towards the general direction of my house.

I paused at the bottom of a long, winding driveway. I knew that there were two or three picture-perfect McMansions perched on the top, one of which was home to a cute boy in my English class. I took a deep breath and began to climb the steady ascent, dragging a reluctant Daisy behind me. I quickly conjured up an alibi, which wasn't entirely untrue. If anyone asks, I was just wondering what it looked like up here...

It wasn't long before I heard screeching laughter and could see the distant smoke of a barbecue. An opened box of chalk sat of the edge of a driveway. I quickly looked around and grabbed a pale pink piece when I was sure that no one could see me.

"Hi" I wrote neatly, careful not to dot the title of the "i" with a circle like I usually would. Daisy glared into the distance with minimal interest as I drew a smiley face and a curlicue. I moved over some leaves at the edge of the road with my red hands and paused. "You're cute," I wrote as tiny as possible, quickly covering the message with dried leaves.

I'm such a girl.

I'm also aware that this whole post is way more descriptive than it needs to be, but this was one of those things that I love myself for. I'm so glad that I got up and went out and made my own adventure.

Oasis - "All Around the World"

[I don't care how long this song is. You should all have each and every word memorized by now.]

P.S. Music recommendations!? :]


4 amusing musings:

That Blond Guy said...

No, I loved all the descriptions! I hope to see such descriptive posts in the future as well!

I kinda like the Oasis song, nine minutes long or not.

And are you asking for music recommendations from us? If so, I recommend Fake Plastic Trees, by Radiohead.

Grace said...

Aww, honestly, I could never be that brave, so I am impressed. Wanna exchange 10 minute long songs? If so, listen to "A" by Cartel.

Kay said...

Thanks, Blondie. I'm into descriptions :]

Haha thanks, Grace. I didn't even think it was brave, really, though. More... odd? I'm an oddball.

And thanks for the music recommendations, I'll have to add them to my musical repertoire :]

Macky said...

This is adorable, really. I actually really enjoyed all of your descriptions and your way with words- it's almost like pure poetry. ♥

I have to agree though, that it was quite brave. :]

And I don't really have anything new to recommend though, due to my lack of funds for music, :[ but check out "Roses & Butterflies" by Making April, though- you might like that one. :D

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