Thursday, September 2, 2010

So... I've made a few changes to myself.

Numero uno --which is hardly a big deal-- is that I accidentally cut my bangs super short a week or two ago, so now I'm stuck with these trendy "blunt bangs" that hardly work for me. Although Seventeen clearly states that they "make the right statement!", I think I'll just clip them back for now. Maybe if I feel confident and muster up the energy to curl my hair then I'll dare to wear them down to school...

Number two. I joined the cross country team. I may or may not have mentioned it already, but yes, I am now an official cross country runner. So far I've been holding up pretty well. (Well, with the exception of the first practice I went to, in which I threw up the half-digested apple that I had for breakfast. But I won't go into details.) I've become insanely hungry and thirsty all the time and I start to breathe heavily when I think about running too much, but overall it's been such a nice experience. The girls on the team are all so nice, and we're all so supportive and sympathetic of each other. [:

Number three. There's another girl on the cross country team with the same name as me, so I've asked the girls to call me Charlie. Which makes sense, because my name's the one of the female versions of Charles.

Which leads me to... Secret #10:

(which is hardly a secret, but it kind of is to you guys)

My real name's Caroline.

But Kay's easier, and the only people who refer to me as Kay are my dad, my cousins, a friend or two...

and you guys. [:

Number four. (This one's a biggie)--

I'm becoming a vegetarian again!

And when I say "again", I mean the first time in five years. When I was 10, Mike (my best guy friend) and I were both mini-animal-rights-activists-slash-hippies and watched animal planet in our spare time. Naturally, we wanted to become vegetarians to help in our pursuit to save the earth.

I was totally vegetarian for almost a year, when my stupid physical came around. My mom soon learned that my blood iron levels were extremely low, and in turn she managed to get me back into the habit of eating meat again.

But she won't this time.


I'll be sparing the living, breathing organisms, thank you very much.


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Macky said...

I LOVE the name Caroline, but Kay is lovely, too, although it did come as a secret.
And awesome on the vegetarian thing! Good luck with it, but still keep healthy levels of bodily iron, please. :]

Grace said...

Aww, adorable!
I can't believe your real name's Caroline; I'm kind of shocked. Good for you on cutting your bangs, becoming a vegetarian again, and joing XC.

That Blond Guy said...

You're doing cross country, you're a vegetarian, and your real name is Caroline? That makes the two of us like the same person!

If you don't want any health problems with that, I suggest soy products. Some are revolting, but Morningstar is decent. Another important tip: don't join PETA. Ever. Under any circumstance.

Neon_Shoelacez said...

You can get really good multivitamins that keep your iron levels up. the best ones are the ones for pregnant people, but if you're not knocked up it just gives you a lot of iron, and usually makes your hair really healthy.

Kay said...


Shank you, Grace! yeah, I know it'd be a tidbit of a surprise for you :] It seems like we've been following each others blogs for so long and I've been basically using a pseudonym...

Thanks, blond guy. :] (Ugh, peta = pain en the ass. haa) I will indeed check out morningstar, though :D

Ohh, thanks for the advice Hayley. :] I'll check 'em out. Hopefully the people at rite aid won't give me funny looks...

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