Thursday, October 28, 2010


I know I been kind of putting this off for a while, but I've been debating how to go about my self-made ordeal.

You see, this is my 100th post on this blog. I get overly-sentimental with things like this, and I had no idea how to go about in recognition. I know this blog probably isn't much to you guys, but this little low-traffic URL is a lot to me. [I would probably insert an analogy about height charts here, but I think that I've already used that one.] I started it originally a little after the beginning of freshman year, abandoned it for nine months and picked it back up again. This is probably the time in my life that I'm most prone to change in myself, easily affected by the things and people around me. Ideas plant in my head like little seeds, tangling and twisting in the catacombs of my mind to soon become an actual part of it. This blog pretty much allows me to organize those ideas and record my silly anecdotes that I'll always want to remember, for the purpose of later getting all teary eyed over the Way that Things Used to Be.

So, in honor of the passing of time and its affect on all of us, I have decided to share excerpts from my 6th and 7th grade "journal". Try not to laugh. Please. (Just click on the image to make it bigger. Adur.)

I was so obsessed with things, and even more so things that didn't matter at all. And I actually used abbreviations in written documents. I don't even think that's allowed.

Such a middle-schooler. You know how it is.

And this was something I wrote just the other day when I was feeling "creative". You can snicker at my shitty handwriting if you really must:

And these are some pictures that I took with that disposable camera that I found:

This was taken in an abandoned house that me and my dad found:

I have a whole rant planned to be focused on abandoned houses, don't you worry.

And to conclude this 100th post, I have a picture of a beautiful fish that I drew on the corner of my World Geography exam study guide:

I feel like I could make this post... I don't know... more characterized by eloquent vocabulary and sentence structure to demonstrate my growth as a writer.

Or something.

But I'm not feeling it.


I love all 50 of you for tolerating me this whole time. :]

Stay fresh. Stay impressionable, keep changing.


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That Blond Guy said...


Those journal snippets were a cool idea. Isn't it weird to think how much we change over just four or five years of our life? I feel like a totally different person than I was in seventh grade...

On an off note, don't know how I felt about the song, but that album cover was AWESOME.

Happy 100th Post,
That Blond Guy

Candy said...

Ahww, love those journal posts! Especially the first and the last! :D

alex said...

Wow, yeah, so I'm gonna say for about the 10th time this week-- I am so glad I am not a young teenager anymore! There's so much angst and everything feels so life-altering and important and filled with energy! Okay, so maybe not THAT much has changed, but in the same breath, a lot has changed and in a big way..

"Sometimes moving forward means taking a few steps back." I've heard that somewhere before, but I just Google'd it and Google has no idea what I'm thinking of.. So maybe I read it in a book, I don't know. Anyway, that's what your post made me think of today.

happy 100th :)

Grace said...

Your 100th post was better than mine. :) But congrats! I loved this...great photos and a good glimpse into Miss Kay's past!

Kay said...

I AM INDEED VERY HAPPY, BLONDIE. And you have excellent taste in album artwork, hah.

Thanks, Candy! :] I like those ones, too.

I enjoy that quote, Alex. Silly google. Unfortunately, I still have 3 more years of teenager-ing it up. So it's a good thing that I don't mind change. :]

I think not, Grace! Thank you times a zillion, though :}

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