Thursday, October 14, 2010

I don't think that I've been in such a happy state of mind since the innocuous years of my childhood.

It seems like for so long I had allowed the nastiest human emotions and character traits to harbor in my chest: self-pity, desire, yearning, laziness, embarrassment, overwhelming stress, shyness, anger... and I made the mistake of giving into them.

It's so easy to just conjure up a principle or two and stick to them: don't eat meat, run everyday, remember that all people are good unless mislead (in my opinion, anyway), remember that all people feel the same emotions that you do, take a deep breath when you feel like you're about to blow your top, stop wanting so many things.

God, I'm practically like Gandhi.

But really, I think that's why I'm so happy. I finally let go of those stupid emotions that have been setting me back, and I've never felt better. Life has been wonderful, and I'm so glad that I'm out of that depressing rut that I was in for most of last year. And to think that all I needed was a change of mind. I hope it lasts.

[aiight homeboys, philosophical moment over]

This is my 99th post... any suggestions for the 100th?

Ellie Goulding - "Starry Eyed (Dubstep Remix)"

[Dubstep is my latest kick. It's harder than hardcore, hah.]


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Miss Angie said...

I'm glad you're feeling more happy now! You deserve it!

Macky said...

That's good to hear. :]

It felt like I was there in the last couple of days, and then I lost it a bit today. I hope I'll get it all sorted out sometime soon.

I think you might have just saved me, Ms. Gandhi. Thank you :D

That Blond Guy said...

This post was actually very helpful to me. I've found that I've been happier in the past few years myself, because I've started practicing self-restraint and similar principles. I'm glad to see this is working for you too.

Suggestions for 100th post? You could be like most bloggers and celebrate it by posting something like,

"100th Post:


alex said...

I'm all for cliches.. Some sort of "100th post!" hyperness is in order. You'll make it good :)

I'm that you're happy! I've gotten to a point where I don't really know what to say to sad teenagers anymore. I feel heartless when I don't know what to say, but I've been there and I know that you're the only person who can decide to have a sunnier outlook on life. Nothing anyone can say will make anything any better. That's how I feel about it anyway..

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