Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do I dare to this 30-day thing?

Do I really?

Well, why not.

I'm not going to spam you guys and do it by day, but rather cluster 'em together, posting them whenever I want to. :)


#1 A picture of yourself and 10 facts.

(See the excessive overexposure? Can you say "glorified"? )

1. Have you noticed that I'm trying to refrain from swearing all the time? It's kind of a dirty habit.
2. I went home early from school today. And got to take a 4-hour nap.
3. I drink straight out of the carton when no one's looking. Yum.
4. I have a big scar on the right side of my face under my eye. I don't even remember getting it, but my dad told me that when I was two years old I fell off of a chair and cut my face on the cup that I was holding.
5. Life is good.
6. I spend too much time on the internet. So much that I concern myself.
7. I'm willing to do a lot of stupid things. And that concerns me as well.
8. I'm not as shy as I used to be. I don't know what happened.
9. I like people boys who have big teeth. And nice hair.
10. You know what's delicious? Raspberry sherbet.

#2 How you got your blog name.

I like the word "cerulean" and "cerulean skies" is an alliteration. Which is also something that I like.

There's not much more to it.

#3 Hometown location and facts.

As awesome as you guys are, there's no way that I'm going to tell you where I live.

But I'll give some facts.

- Farms and churches. That's about it.
- The population is about 7,500
- I live next to a Christmas Tree Farm. In approximately 3 days, people are going to come from all over and clog up my street with their silver minivans.
- It's made up of 95% white people. Really. You look at a pie graph of ethnicities and it's ridiculous.
- We have to go to neighboring towns to find something to do.
- Precisely because it's so boring, a lot of the rich white teenagers here are whiny and smoke weed to pass the time.
- It's a town we love to hate.

Alright, I won't torture you guys any more today.

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5 amusing musings:

Macky said...

No torture here- write a book [about anything], please. ;D

Fact #11- you ameliorate your followers' [ME, in particular] lives. :D

A question for you, though [even though it's slightly dumb]- where do people find these 30-day challenges? Is there some bank of them hidden somewhere in cyberspace where people just copy&paste, or do people just make it up as they go? Just wondering.

Maybe further explain numbers 8 & 9 through independent blog posts, though [very interesting]? Oh, and love the song/video [like everything else]. (:

Miss Angie said...

You're so pretty! :)

That Blond Guy said...

What facts! I like the one about rich white kids and smoking weed. That made me laugh because it had the word "weed" in the sentence.

I hadn't noticed that you refrain from cursing all the time. Well, now I have. Do you usually curse a lot? Do you swear like a sailor? I only curse for the sake of humor, (which isn't admirable). Well, for the sake of humor and whenever I bite into something I think is food but turns out to be garbage.

I don't get it--are we supposed to do it too? It seems kind of creepy. "Post a picture of yourself and a specific description of where you live." Kind of stalkerish, no?

Grace said...

That's such a cute photo, Kay! And I spend way too much time on the internet, too. I tried to take a three-day hiatus, but I cracked today.

Kay said...

Macky: AW. I'm SOSOSO happy to ameliorate someone's life :) And they're all over tumblr for people who [insert tumblr stereotype here]. Here's where I got mine: http://alcoholandsweat.tumblr.com/post/1640576516/day-01-photo-of-you-along-with-ten-facts-day-02
P.S. I will definitely go into depth with those.

Miss Angie: Naw, YOU so pretty! :D

Blondie: Weed. Pot. Hash. Strawberry cough. It's all in good fun.
Yes, curse words are of frequent use in my vocabulary. I use them for emphasis (as well as accidentally eating garbage).
YES PLEASE TO IT. I mean, it's just for fun, yeah?

Grace: Thanks :) Haha I don't even have the power to take a single day hiatus. Good for you :D

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