Thursday, December 9, 2010

I like going to bed at night.

It means that I can read good books and get warm under my comforter and not be nervous and think about everything and go to sleep and dream good dreams.




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That Blond Guy said...

I totally agree. Especially because I always get a good cry in before bedtime. And then a glass of warm milk. And then I cry again and fall asleep on the kitchen table.

YES, I loved this song! I even listened to it twice. I'm on my third time around while writing this comment!

That Blond Guy said...

"Do the things that lovers do."

If only rappers and hip hop singers could follow his example and sum it up that way.

Grace said...

Whoa, that's like the story of my life. Reading books under the warm covers is one of my all time favorite things to do.

Mack said...

Gorgeous photograph. When I went to Quebec, all of the lights made everything seem so blurry but feel so warm [even though really it was around 10 degrees].

I like reading books that make me feel all fuzzy inside, and feeling warm when it's dark and cold outside, too. [I also like to think about everything at night, too, but sometimes I get stuck on the bad things that make me nervous.] :)

Very sweet post. I'm feeling tired, and it's only the afternoon.

Kay said...

Blondie: A good cry every once and a while is essential, ya know? I mean, if you didn't tear up during the Hannah Montana movie then you're simply heartless.

Grace: I know, right? It;s my favorite, too :)

Mack: I love it when wintery things have a warm softness to them. It makes winter more bearable :)

Join the club... I'm always tired :p

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