Monday, November 29, 2010

It's just not night.

It's too fork. It's too wall.
It's much more bat than it is ball.
The skin side soft, the dog hide luck.
An analogy in pick hand, it's negatively duck.
Too many spies, yet not enough hashes.
Crinkling, sinking, frantic splashes.
It can't be won, it's much too gate.
Yet he might snatch the crane if it hadn't come straight.


5 amusing musings:

That Blond Guy said...

YES I love it!

Did you write this? It's so hard to tell anymore because so many people quote a poem and somehow forget to mention that it's not theirs.

Kay said...

Haha yeah, I wrote it today :}
We were supposed to do poems that focus maximally on cadence, and minimally on sense.
SO I looked towards Lewis Carroll as a muse. :D

Kay said...


Grace said...

I like it! And that's a great song...

Kay said...

Thanks, Grace :)
It is indeed a great song! :D

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