Thursday, November 4, 2010

a low hum
insides quiver gelatinously
as each stroke materializes
with a quick strike from a stick of ebony
yes mistakes
"no mistakes"
but mistakes are made anyway
a piece of rebellious hair
sticks up in back
the twisting of a pale earlobe
the sucking of a pink lip
you've come to love
a popped vessel in an eye
branches out like a bloody tree
or its roots
or freshly oxygen-pumped veins
an imperfect duplicate slowly emerges
making something from nothing
with four senses omitted
the eyes are pleased
you are pleased


Is "gelatinously" a word?
It should be.

My mom checked out a college guide for me from the library. She's supposed to return it today and I've hardly looked at it.
It makes me nervous.

It's really beautiful outside. Gloomy and gray and windy and dark is the best type of weather.

Random thoughts aside, I hope you enjoyed my poem.

Yesterday I "skipped" my x-period club (don't ask... my school's weird) to goof off in the art room with Mike and his friends. I half-pretended that I didn't know that Alex Sherman spent his x-period in the art room as well. I felt my stomach tighten when he came in the room anyway. So I did what any other teenager with a crush would do-- I creepily observed him as he drew.

He had a very loose drawing style. Chaotic and wonderful and perfect at the same time.

Later in college writing Mr. Torres told us to write a poem about a theme that we've already done or something -- but I didn't feel like doing that. So I wrote about being a creep and how I drew Alex Sherman as he drew his skeleton instead.

I wonder if he noticed.

Maybe not. He left before I could even finish his hair.

You know what would be awesome?
If one day I went up to him and just started talking to him.
I already promised myself that I would before he graduated at the end of the year.
It's a nice idea.
DAMN, he's cute.

Making April - "Roses and Butterflies"

[I really love this song and wish Mack had told me about it sooner! :p I've been in a piano-rock-type mood lately, anyways :) ]


2 amusing musings:

Grace said...

Love the photos and poem. And I know what you mean, sometimes its just so hard to initate conversation.

Kay said...

Thanks! :D

Sometimes I'm just TOO DARN shy. Life would be so much easier if I wasn't. :/

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