Monday, November 15, 2010

On my bedroom wall--hidden among hundreds of magazine clippings, idioms, developed film rolls, stickers, and drawings—is a phrase that I had clipped out from a magazine I don’t remember the name of.
What separates us from the animals?
It reads in all capital letters, making it look as if the author of the article was either desperately begging the question to all of humankind or knew precisely what he was talking about. No matter if it was either the latter or the former, I regret not even looking at the article long enough to ever find out what it meant. Because now as it sticks--magic-taped--to my purple wall, I realize that I’ve never given it more than a moment’s thought. I originally brushed it off as a nice combination of words—something I could ponder later if I really wanted to. But honestly...
What does separate us from the animals?

Radiohead - "Fake Plastic Trees"

(I'm not really an avid Radiohead listener, but I've really started to like this song. I have to thank Christopher for the recommendation... he has legitimate good music taste, something of which I only pretend to have...)


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Grace said...

Interesting quote! I guess logic and opposable thumbs!

Anonymous said...

I really like this post :)
I'm probably gonna have that question stuck in my mind all day long now lol.
I agree with Grace on the opposable thumb part but honestly, i don't think that there are many differences. I mean. We ARE animals.

That Blond Guy said...


And that's been my philosophical topic of the year. You should have read the article.

Natalie said...

I love me some Radiohead when I'm in a Radiohead-typea-mood.

But to answer your question, what separates us from animals is toilet paper. That's about it.

Hence why boys are more animalistic - they use it less ;)

Kay said...

Grace: The better to play video games with :D

Rae: That's what I think, also. We're just full of ourselves. But I bet other animals call species other than theirs "animals" as well...

Blondie: I should have indeed. I wonder if I can still find it somewhere in my art teacher's room...

Natalie: You're amazing. And I couldn't agree more :D

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