Monday, December 27, 2010

Sorry I haven't posted over the past week. Christmas and busy shit and whatnot...

Anywho, I hope everyone had a nice holiday :) It snowed a TON yesterday over where I live, so I've pretty much been stuck at home, my day split between playing Super Mario Brothers Wii and rearranging my bedroom.

THE STORY. I shall continue.

So I don't know if it was the lack of proper lighting that made him woozy, or the absence of any other upperclassmen boys to call him out for showing any sort of emotion, or maybe he just really wanted to vent, but Adam decided to tell the female half of the girl's indoor track team the story of his first love.

I was shamelessly eavesdropping on his conversation with some other girls in the back of the bus, when the subject came up about their said "love lives." The teenage girl in me eats that stuff up, so I leaned in closer.

"So, what is the deal with you and your girlfriend?"

"I...well... let me tell you a story," he said loudly, and it soon came to his attention that half of the bus was listening. Instead of hushing to a whisper, he said loudly again, "alright, I guess I'll just give all you guys a nice piece of the story of my life." A few girls filled the vacant seats close to him, discovery of their eavesdropping no longer a concern.

"So, it all started out freshman year. I was dating a few people here and there, yeah, but I didn't have a legitimate girlfriend, you know? So, I asked Kate out around the middle of freshman year. We dated for like, two weeks-- not even. And then she goes and decides to go for my fucking best friend, Josh. But I'm like, whatever, you're fat." He laughs nervously. "But anyway, we got back together after that didn't work out. And, like, four months into it, it was seriously the best thing ever. It was pretty much the end of freshman year, so we were pretty comfortable around each other, ya know? But she moved sophomore year, and that really fucked things up. She was about an hour away from where me, and it really sucked. But I went to see her every Saturday, and it really was, I'm not even joking, the best fucking thing. It was really nice, because it was like, every Saturday, all day Saturday, and we did a lot of fun things like go to New York and whatever, and it was just really great.

"But ya know, thing really started going fucking downhill. She became friends with this bitch, Michelle, and she just, ugh. She really changed her. I don't know, it's just-- I started talking to this freshman, Erin. And I felt bad for her because she was a freshman and all and I guess she didn't know that many people. So one day Kate just goes and texts her and is like, stay away from my boyfriend. So I had to go and sit her down and tell her that she seriously can't do something like that again. Seriously, it just really pissed me off. I told her that she really needed to change, or else things just wouldn't work out......."

So basically, she was a huge bitch to him, he told us that she cheated on him (disapproving feedback ensued), he cheated on her (more disapproving feedback ensued) and a load of other drama that was actually really interesting to hear about. No one's ever personally given me a full look into such an important relationship of theirs, and I felt sort of privileged. He even told us about how she wanted to have sex and he turned her down, and how he spent an entire day crying in his room, and how sometimes all he wanted to do was have a good snuggle.

He couldn't really decide upon an ideal conclusion, so he told us, "you know, your first love sucks. It was pretty much the best and worst part of my life. I changed a lot, you know? Everything's sort of different."

As the bus pulled into our school's driveway, he proceeded to explain to us a complicated analogy involving him being a cheetah and all of the girls on the track team being gazelles--I don't know. But whatever he said gave the girls on the bus hope that they would be the next gazelle of choice. To which I may or may not have fallen victim at the time...

And now, half of the girl's indoor track team is in love with him. I'm bent on it being an evil master plot of his that the other girls don't seem to notice or care about. Whatever his endeavor, it's working. And now the track team has turned to madness.

But really, how do boys do that? Make an entire team of girls fall head over heels for them in the matter of a few days?

It's madness, I tell you.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

I have been turning over last night in my head all day.

Basically, in the back of a dimly-lit clattering school bus, a select few from the indoor track team were granted a privileged glimpse into the heart of a 16-year-old boy.*

Well, now that I look back at that combination of words, It sounds weirder than it actually was. But here was what went down:

Yesterday, I woke up at 6:30 to go to a track meet that I only half wanted to go to. Despite the glorified campus quality (it was at Yale... yes, that Yale), the air was dry and the facility was old and I was halfway to a panic attack with all of the nervousness building up in my chest. It all went alright. I half-slept on people's track bags in-between races and gorged myself with salty Ritz Crackers.
I mostly had a lot of time to think: I calculated that I needed to run 50 second laps to get a 6:40 mile, precisely what we would be doing at a certain time if it were a school day, if that cute blond guy charging his cell phone was single, exactly how much the banked track was affecting our running, etc.
But we finally gathered up our bags after idling for nearly nine hours (with a collective eight minutes of running). We meandered with a pissed-off coach for about 20 minutes on the dark, cold campus, searching hopelessly for a bus. We finally found it, crawled on and hugged ourselves in the faux-leather, duct-tape repaired seats.

*Some of my words may or may not have been half-borrowed and rearranged to fit the situation from The Great Gatsby. Well, can you blame me? Fitzgerald has a rather seductive way with words.

Are you noticing how much fun I'm having writing this like a narrative? :)

I'll continue this story later. Hold tight until then, because I know that this is terribly exciting for you.

Two Door Cinema Club - "Something Good Can Work"

[I love this. I love this. I FUCKING LOVE THIS.]


Thursday, December 9, 2010

I like going to bed at night.

It means that I can read good books and get warm under my comforter and not be nervous and think about everything and go to sleep and dream good dreams.




Friday, December 3, 2010

#4: 10 places you would like to visit.

1. Anywhere new that has nice people and good vibes.
2. Anywhere Cameron Leahy is.
3. Disneyland (good vibes there, but perhaps the tourists could be a bit nicer...)
4. Somewhere abandoned.
5. Australia. Mostly for the accents.
6. A museum.
7. Warped tour. Right now, please.
8. The North Pole. Exactly as The Polar Express depicts it.
9. One of Jay Gatsby's parties.
10. Saint Lucia.

#5: Favorite memory from childhood.

Overall, I had a pretty great childhood. Since there was a vast amount of explorable woods and a little creek for salamander-catching behind my old house, life was pretty much wonderful for an outdoorsy 5-year-old like me.

I recall:

-sprinting down my shaded road with the trees hanging over it like a tunnel and telling my dad that I want to be a runner when I grow up.
-wearing my watermelon shirt and matching pants when I first learned how to ride a bike.
-falling off that same bike when I first got the training wheels taken off and my mom giving me lemon sherbet.
-watching hours upon hours of mindless cartoons and the fact that you had to turn the channel up and down so the screen wasn't fuzzy
-honeysuckles faithfully blooming on my birthday and how my parents hired a pony for my fifth birthday party.
-when it would rain really hard my front yard would fill up like a pool and I wished that I could swim in it.
-doing ballet and jumping over pretend puddles and getting really bored and looking out the window and wishing that I could go outside.
-one day when it snowed so hard that the Burning Bush in my front yard's branches bent over from the weight of the snow and it made an igloo that I could go inside.

So yeah, I had a lot of good times.

#6: Five favorite songs.

-Not a Second to Waste
-The First Single
-Planes, Oceans and Symphonies
-I'm Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?

Considering that I have song recommendations in every one of my posts, I think I'll do my five favorite albums, as well (in no particular order).

-Aim and Ignite
-The Everglow
-Wincing the Night Away
and my first favorite album,
-Boys Like Girls

Hey, this is actually pretty fun :)



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