Friday, December 3, 2010

#4: 10 places you would like to visit.

1. Anywhere new that has nice people and good vibes.
2. Anywhere Cameron Leahy is.
3. Disneyland (good vibes there, but perhaps the tourists could be a bit nicer...)
4. Somewhere abandoned.
5. Australia. Mostly for the accents.
6. A museum.
7. Warped tour. Right now, please.
8. The North Pole. Exactly as The Polar Express depicts it.
9. One of Jay Gatsby's parties.
10. Saint Lucia.

#5: Favorite memory from childhood.

Overall, I had a pretty great childhood. Since there was a vast amount of explorable woods and a little creek for salamander-catching behind my old house, life was pretty much wonderful for an outdoorsy 5-year-old like me.

I recall:

-sprinting down my shaded road with the trees hanging over it like a tunnel and telling my dad that I want to be a runner when I grow up.
-wearing my watermelon shirt and matching pants when I first learned how to ride a bike.
-falling off that same bike when I first got the training wheels taken off and my mom giving me lemon sherbet.
-watching hours upon hours of mindless cartoons and the fact that you had to turn the channel up and down so the screen wasn't fuzzy
-honeysuckles faithfully blooming on my birthday and how my parents hired a pony for my fifth birthday party.
-when it would rain really hard my front yard would fill up like a pool and I wished that I could swim in it.
-doing ballet and jumping over pretend puddles and getting really bored and looking out the window and wishing that I could go outside.
-one day when it snowed so hard that the Burning Bush in my front yard's branches bent over from the weight of the snow and it made an igloo that I could go inside.

So yeah, I had a lot of good times.

#6: Five favorite songs.

-Not a Second to Waste
-The First Single
-Planes, Oceans and Symphonies
-I'm Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?

Considering that I have song recommendations in every one of my posts, I think I'll do my five favorite albums, as well (in no particular order).

-Aim and Ignite
-The Everglow
-Wincing the Night Away
and my first favorite album,
-Boys Like Girls

Hey, this is actually pretty fun :)


4 amusing musings:

Grace said...

Ah, I love Aim and Ignite!! And I have a total obsession about attending Warped Tour!

Hippie Grandma said...

i found this to be ah-mazing.
and i'm usually not one to use the term "ah-mazing."
but you have some marvelous favorite songs and albums.
i love mae, the format, the shins, ARTM and many other of your favorites.
you've got great taste. :)
& 5, 8, and 9 are definitely places i want to visit too.
hardcore want to!
let's plan a trip to go on the polar express. :)

That Blond Guy said...

Hey, this was enlightening!

A PONY FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY?! My parents told me they hired a pony, but then when my birthday came, they laughed at me for believing them and took a picture of the disappointed expression on my face to hang in the living room.

I hope you're happy.

Kay said...

Grace: You are an amazing person... I don't know anybody else who enjoys both attending warped tour and listening to fun. :)

Hippie: Thanks! I feel special for you to utilize such a rarely-used phrase in reference to my blog :D

11:55, December 24... be there.

Blondie: Hey, thanks!
And I am happy.
I thought you might be jealous.

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