Sunday, December 19, 2010

I have been turning over last night in my head all day.

Basically, in the back of a dimly-lit clattering school bus, a select few from the indoor track team were granted a privileged glimpse into the heart of a 16-year-old boy.*

Well, now that I look back at that combination of words, It sounds weirder than it actually was. But here was what went down:

Yesterday, I woke up at 6:30 to go to a track meet that I only half wanted to go to. Despite the glorified campus quality (it was at Yale... yes, that Yale), the air was dry and the facility was old and I was halfway to a panic attack with all of the nervousness building up in my chest. It all went alright. I half-slept on people's track bags in-between races and gorged myself with salty Ritz Crackers.
I mostly had a lot of time to think: I calculated that I needed to run 50 second laps to get a 6:40 mile, precisely what we would be doing at a certain time if it were a school day, if that cute blond guy charging his cell phone was single, exactly how much the banked track was affecting our running, etc.
But we finally gathered up our bags after idling for nearly nine hours (with a collective eight minutes of running). We meandered with a pissed-off coach for about 20 minutes on the dark, cold campus, searching hopelessly for a bus. We finally found it, crawled on and hugged ourselves in the faux-leather, duct-tape repaired seats.

*Some of my words may or may not have been half-borrowed and rearranged to fit the situation from The Great Gatsby. Well, can you blame me? Fitzgerald has a rather seductive way with words.

Are you noticing how much fun I'm having writing this like a narrative? :)

I'll continue this story later. Hold tight until then, because I know that this is terribly exciting for you.

Two Door Cinema Club - "Something Good Can Work"

[I love this. I love this. I FUCKING LOVE THIS.]


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Mack said...

PLEASE FINISH THIS STORY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Seriously. Your narratives are always fantastic, and I am sincerely terribly excited to hear what you have to write. :D

I actually have heard that song [and love it], but I had never heard this version- I like it a lot better than the cheap version I heard in the mall that one time. :P

♥, mack

Miss Angie said...

I'll hold tight, as always-love how you write.

That Blond Guy said...

Ho HO, I love this story! I hope you finish it soon! And is it really at Yale? That is so cool beans!

I liked the Great Gatsby--Fitzgerald was a verbalist womanizer.

Grace said...

Ooh, I can't wait for the rest!! Sounds like a day much more interesting than mine (finals, ugh). Love the Great Gatsby, too, such an amazing piece.

martienna said...

happy christmas ;*
ur blog is amazing and interesting ; )

if U want follow me and write comment ;**

That Blond Guy said...

Merry Christmas!

(And happy birthday, Jesus.)

Kay said...

Mack: Thankyouthankyou!! Just as much as I love reading your musings, I hope :D

Angie: Thanks! As I do to you, as well (:

Blondie: "Fitzgerald was a verbalist womanizer"
I'm just gonna leave that there.

Grace: Thank you mucho! :D Isn't it great? Reading that book almost made me want to give up on writing... I mean, you simply can't compare to something like that, can you?

Martienna: Thanks! :) I will be sure to!

Blondie: Jesus and myself thank you dearly.
And he's going to refrain from telling you that Christians chose a day at random to celebrate his birth.

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