Friday, January 21, 2011


Have you ever realized how many out of the ordinary things go undone in a lifetime?
Things like walking down your street in the dead of night or writing thoughts on a bathroom stall or buying a disposable camera just for the fun of seeing the developed pictures a week later or writing a letter to a stranger?

Well, this would obviously have to be the latter.

I chose you based on nothing significant, except for the fact that you yourself are not very significant. Randomly. But not too randomly. And 891 people isn’t that much, I guess. Chances are you’ve seen me before. And we might have even had one of those awkward times where it was only just the two of us in an empty hallway and we had to look away because there was no proper gesture of acknowledgment that we could exchange.

If you haven’t yet crumpled up this letter and shoved it into the bottom of your recycling bin, I have a sort of proposal for you. Somehow I doubt you’ll follow through with it, but that’s not really a concern, either. This proposal is meant for you exclusively, Alex (who has flippy hair and is most likely of German descent), but someone else could easily be chosen at the drop of a hat.

And there is no real reason for you to have doubts about following through with this, I think. I’m a just a weird person who likes people and really wants a mysterious pseudo-pen-pal. I’m not doing this to make fun of you or something malicious like that. This isn’t even an experiment for AP Psychology. I haven’t told anybody else. This scheme of mine has only left my head to materialize on my computer monitor (to soon be printed and stamped and addressed and mailed to you to hopefully end up in your hands).

But to get back on topic, here’s what I want you to do:

Do you know that vending machine in Junior Hallway?

(Of course you do. I don’t doubt that you’ve purchased a package or two of Cheez-Its or something there.)

Anyway, I would like for you to put a sort of message behind it. Soon. For me. Containing some sort of insightful musing. (Or maybe not insightful. Maybe you could just tell me about yourself. Your hobbies or something generic like that.) And then give me a new location to leave you a message. And it doesn’t even have to be something fancy, maybe just a piece of folded-up looseleaf paper taped to the wall.

See? Fun!

And if you must, feel free to snicker at this letter with your indie friends in-between tracks of Oh, Inverted World and sips of your hipster coffee. And that be the case, I couldn’t possibly care less. My identity’s not disclosed here.

Your loss.

And if you think that this is a stupid idea, I don’t really care, either. I personally thought that it was an excellent idea. It might give you something to look forward to during the lag of being a second-semester senior. Something to think about. I even suspect a personal essay opportunity!

Obviously, such an activity requires participation from both parties. So I’m looking forward to your contribution. If you choose to contribute at all, that is.

Remember. Behind the D Hallway vending machine.

Best regards,

6 amusing musings:

Hannah Marie said...

this is a great idea! sounds like a lot of fun :)

Mack said...


But that's a rad idea (writing letters to random people- nevertheless, I'm deeply considering getting a disposable camera now, for kicks). If you sent me one, I'd reply to you (and you should definitely post your replies). :)

Grace said...

Haha, I like this! I want to write letters to people now. :)

krista lee said...

i have to say, i sincerely love your blog. this is brilliant.

Ana said... can one deny participating in this?...

alex said...

i am so glad you write things. even if they are random letters with my name on it but not addressed to me.

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