Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm back for now because it's Friday and I feel no obligation to study for the five more finals that I have to take.

I got that puppy that I was talking about earlier. But he likes to bite my hand and I do not appreciate that.

It's like having a baby. Only he can destroy your furniture and bite your appendages and pee on the floor. But he's too adorable for me to care that much.

Also, I plan on writing letters to some random people tonight. It should be fun. I've always wanted to get a mysterious letter from some random person. You know, within reason.

P.S. Do you guys have any suggestions for puppy names? We've had him since Monday, and still have yet to properly christen him with one. :/


2 amusing musings:

Shenge said...

Nice pup. When I get a dog, I am - no joking here - going to call him Snoop. And when I get home each day I'll be like "Sup Snoop dog?". It will be epic.

Mack said...

It's okay- kind of like how I don't feel obligated to read Huckleberry Finn right now.

But awh! He's adorable. :) I love my dog to death, although he got stuck in the snow today and made me carry him all the way back home (and he weights over a quarter of my weight haha).

Maybe Barkley, or Maverick? One of my friends named her pets after authors and musicians, so she had Tolstoy and Rachmaninoff and different names like that- that would definitely be cool and one-of-a-kind.

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