Thursday, January 27, 2011

Panoramic pictures are terribly underrated.

That was my backyard this afternoon. My town has been ruthlessly bombarded with random snowstorms over the past few weeks, and as a result my second semester has been pushed back six days. I just finally finished with my finals yesterday.

It doesn't feel like it though, considering the fact that I took a six-hour nap the second I got home.

So yeah. This weekend is looking a lot like not working, watching more Misfits on youtube, reading books like the antisocial that I am, and perhaps even fitting in a Panera break. And blogging. Some of that.

Just thought I'd fill you guys in. You know, because I'm interesting.


P.S. Send some love over here. She's awesome.

3 amusing musings:

Shenge said...

I've never in my life seen or touched snow :(

That is so sad.

Grace said...

Panoramic pictures are amazing--love this one. It makes the snow look really pretty; where I live, it's all gross and grey.

That Blond Guy said...

Panera as in Panera Bread? If so, your weekend will be automatically awesome.

That picture is pretty fly.

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