Saturday, January 8, 2011

Teenagers always seem to forget that they're not invincible.

We understand that it's not a good idea to go bike riding on a busy road or to go out binge-drinking, but do we really care? The only reason that doubtful thoughts even cross our minds is because of the constant chiding from our parents and teachers. But in reality, we're all balloons full of water. And falling just a little too high, not breathing just a little too long, drinking just a little too much, driving just a little too fast... we can pop in an instant. Many people are lucky enough to live to be an "ideal" age; one in which they spend their days idle in a rocking chair, all dreams fulfilled with few years to spare.

But freak accidents happen. And that ideal age is never reached. And vibrant, hopeful lives are tragically curtailed.

Because when it happens to someone in a small town, to someone you know, to someone that everyone knows, it's all too real.

Please be careful.


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Grace said...

I've always wondered why teenagers think they're invincable. I try to be cafeful because of this.

Julianne said...

I didn't realize how invincible I felt until one of my friends died in a car accident a little over a month ago. Suddenly, everything seemed so fragile.

Thanks for writing this.

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