Thursday, February 17, 2011

You know what made my day?

I was in another leave-a-random-person-a-note mood yesterday during study hall, so I retreated to a cluster of cubicles in the media center and tore off a piece of notebook paper.

"Hi! How is your day going?" I scrawled in a handwriting that I hoped didn't resemble my own and stuck it in one of the cubicle's crevices.

This afternoon I came by again to find that someone had taken out the note and written "Pretty good, how about you?"

It was quite thrilling.


3 amusing musings:

Shenge said...

Haha I've never tried that, sounds pretty cool though. Closest I've ever been to that is probably seeing the crap (pun intended) written in public toilets. Crude, but funny as hell at times. Or maybe it's just in the male toilets?

Hannah Marie said...

I wanna do that, it looks like fun!

Cassandra said...

That's fantastic! I love it when that happens! =)

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