Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Paige and I went on a wonderful adventure last Friday.

She and I both had eighth period study hall that day. We both knew that sooner or later we would succumb to our desires of wanderlust, and the dark, rainy day held a strange air of promise. We gathered our things and managed to leave the school completely undetected; having a clear school record and a face that is seldom seen in the principal's office is even more useful than for the obvious reasons.

I fed the CD player a compilation of adventure-esque songs, carefully ordered in a near seamless gradient from acoustic to electronic. I could feel tentative excitement begin to rise in my chest as we pulled out of our school's parking lot and began to drive down our town's heavily-wooded back roads.

To Dunkin' Donuts, Rite Aid, a thrift store, Stop & Shop and back again. A vanilla coolatta (even though I asked for coffee), a sugary doughnut, a roll of film, a flowery blouse (that I didn't have the $10 to pay for), mint gum, Mr. Clean magic erasers, my very first Twinkie (absolutely terrible), my sports bra and spandex, a stupid-looking up-do, and telling my mom that I had spent those three hours running with Paige at school.

It's healthy to go adventuring every once an awhile, I think.

Bag Raiders - "Sunlight"


P.S. Those pictures are from a different adventure, but an adventure nonetheless. :)

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Rein said...

That must've been good fun, I should try something like that sometime. It's got to be better than sitting at home all day, like I currently seem to be doing a lot...

Candy said...

where did you get your film camera?

i love film photography. sigh. it makes anything beautiful. <3

Cassandra said...


Hannah Marie said...

This pics are awesome! I love dunkin donuts. It's the best! I was soooo sad when I moved to California cause they dont have any dunkin here :( :(

Julianne said...

I go on adventures sometimes when nothing useful is going on in school and the teachers are slack on attendance. Everything seems so much more interesting and adventurous when you're suppose to be in school.

Mack said...

i(heart)this post. alot.

I like adventures, but I'll never be able to go on any during school, as much as I daydream about it (our school is situated miles away from adventure, nor do I have any form of transportation). I still sneak some adventures in, though, and they seem healthier than normal life (or maybe I just feel more alive).

I really (always) adore your photography, by the way. :)

That Blond Guy said...

Sounds like an amazing adventure. Not quite as adventurous as when I went to Narnia last weekend, but it's right up there, you know?

I love Radiohead.

Grace said...

I love the photos--so great! Your adventure does sound quite fun; it reminds me of mine with my sister. :)

Kay said...

Thank you guys so much! IloveyouIloveyouIloveyou.

Candy! I have a canonet 28... it was my grandfather's :) I adore film photography, too. It gives everything a... certain something.

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