Saturday, March 26, 2011

We sat in our alcove and I wanted to be quiet. So we were.
I watched our thoughts float through the air like little wisps of smoke. You thought about Autumn and her journal and how she has only been there one night and has already filled up nine pages. And you thought about her scratching her pale arms until they bled and how she hears voices that aren't there. And you thought about last night while you felt suffocated by everything and you wanted to take the Oxycodone but didn't because it had expired and you were scared. And then you thought some more about cancer and how much everything hurt but you didn't want to cry in front of me so you stopped. And you thought about Cassie and having sex with her and talking to her and missing her and I don't think you know that it makes me sad. And then you thought about how pretty I looked and our hands were touching and our faces were so close and all I can remember thinking about was that in that moment everything was pretty ok.

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