Wednesday, April 27, 2011

-sleeping with the window open
-staying up late
-being hugged from behind
-kissing to beautiful music
-skipping class
-iced tea
-surprise rain
-green buds on the edges of branches
-feeling refreshed
-the bridge of a song
-sitting on the roof
-rising with the sun
-reading books for fun
-laughing really hard
-christmas lights
-soft lips
-being kissed on the neck
-finding meaning in hidden places

6 amusing musings:

Miss Angie said...

Ah, so lovely! ♥

Grace said...

Um,I love all of those!! Except for maybe rising with the sun. :)

Candy said...

i adore the pictures! <3
ack, i feel like i haven't been on here in forever. D:
i've been on tumblr so much more now....

Hannah Marie said...

this is beautiful!

Mack said...

I love all of this post (INCLUDING THE SONG). :) Lists like this never cease to make me smile.

Kay said...

Thank you guys so much! :)

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